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While Waiting for Grandma at the Airport
Published on Saturday, June 19, 2010 by

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  • How did he do that???? Amazing! (But airport personnel have NO sense of humor, or art at this point!) Great video!

    • It didn't occur to me that duhhhh we were in an AIRPORT with Homeland Security. My bad. BUT… we were no where near the terminals, it was about 10 at night and no one was near us… like NO ONE… but it killed a few minutes at least!

      • I don't think I'd pick out either one of you as terrorists, Katherine!

        • I know, right?! It was me looking very “mom-like” with a flip mino, a 9 year old little red head girl and a goofy teenager. That reminds me though of a story from long ago… we had an amazing nun in our family, Sister Clotilde. She traveled with Sr. Josita, who we also called family. Once when they were old they visited and we picked them up at the airport. (pre 9/11)… Sr. Clotilde was in a wheelchair just so she would not have to walk far with her arthritis. They were in full habit. My Dad was pushing her – he was a Navy pilot and officer. So they get FRISKED believe it or not. The nuns! Then as Dad was wheeling them away, Sister Clotilde said outloud, “I'm glad they didn't find Sister's gun!” LOL! My Dad about fell out… both Mom and Dad were going, “SHHH!!! SHHHH!!! This is an AIRPORT!” LOL!

          • That is hysterical! Write a post about the episode Kathrine! Please!


          • You know what, I have been thinking a long time about doing a post on the sisters. I was a child and it would be from a child's perspective… i would SO love to have them both here now so I can talk to them as adults… I even have a true ghost story she told me about a convent they were in, and this is a NUN! Yup, I will write that post.. I want to find a good picture though!

          • I would adore to see this! I can't tell you how much!

  • Love it! Great video! LOL

  • I love the new blog look!

    • You ROCK! You are the first person to mention/notice it! It is a work in progress just like yours. My other template gave me a zero PR penalty so I am trying something else. I think it saw over-optimization…not sure. Since you noticed, please let me put a 125×125 ad to your blog on smn for a month… send me the url you want and the graphic and I'll put it up… My last post on your blog has my personal email on it. 🙂

  • OMG! I am dying over here!

  • That is HYSTERICAL! How did those silly airport people not think that was funny?

    • Yup, you would think they would have just jumped at the chance to laugh at our hysterical antics! <cough>

  • HA!!! I was going to say, as much as I thought that was hysterical, I would think if anybody caught you doing that, you'd so get it. Because too many people would fall off the railing and then sue the airport. So essentially they've ruined it for the rest of us. I'm so glad they didn't confiscate your video, however. Way to go. Also? If you can't joke about bombs or carry nail clippers or bottles of WATER and your friends can't come with you to the gate anymore and no fluids over 3 ounces, and…etc…, I would think you pretty much can't do anything in an airport any more.

  • You got in trouble for that? Bummer. Talk about how to ruin a perfectly good evening. I bet you were providing entertainment for those who weren't getting you in trouble.

    • No one was around… the only reason why we did it – I am too much of a chicken otherwise! But I would consider the tattoo thing with you!

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