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Where are the HATS?!
Published on Sunday, January 27, 2013 by

I have blogged about them before, so I guess I like hats. Who can forget my take on the royal hats as modeled by Tribal Blog members?

Sadly, I cannot wear hats because of the monstrous size of both my head and hair.  Damn it all.

The women of America simply do not wear enough hats.  Where are the hats on women in church?  Where are the hats on women traveling the friendly skies?  Where are the hats on women strolling down Rodeo Drive?


I don’t know where women are WEARING hats, but I can tell you where to BUY the hats.  In a lovely little shop, about five minutes away from my home.  And BOY do they sell H-A-T-S!

outrageous hats

golden hat

hats for church

brown bow hat

weird woman's hat

colored feather hat

I think I have seen the following hat…..

floyd hat


hat on floyd muppet

Finally, my favorite… as I sneak out of the store hoping no one notices….

gooffy band hat

Ladies AND Gentlemen, do you wear hats?  What kind and where?

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