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When A Picture Surprises You
Published on Sunday, April 21, 2013 by

I took picture after picture this weekend with my modest little camera.  Trees bent from the ocean’s strong winds… unsuspecting critters… and even a pile of scat or two.  (I will spare you, but I SWEAR I found coyote scat rather than the typical fox scat!  And yes, I took a picture of Outer Banks wild horse pooh.  I am not ashamed.)

It gives me great joy to look through a day of pictures, but even greater joy when these images offer me surprises.  This weekend’s “Wow I didn’t see that!” surprises are as follows:

I pushed my little camera to its limit zooming in on this bluejay.  Upon closer inspection, I saw he was carrying twigs!



My mother was excited to see a thistle she had been watching had bloomed.  I risked life and limb stepping through tick infested brush (see how dangerous I make myself sound!?) to get a shot of this beautiful flower.  When I opened the picture on my laptop I discovered a fly had been on the bloom while I snapped the shot.


Sadly, this picture brought an unforeseen “surprise.”  This deer has some sort of object wrapped around its neck.

Many conversations followed the viewing of this picture.  “Do we call someone?  Would that just cause more problems for the deer?  How much bigger will the deer get?  Should we just watch it over the summer to see if it gets bad?”  My ever amazing neighbor suggested I call Fish and Wildlife.  They can tranquilize the deer, remove the band and wake the deer back up.

So perhaps one of my surprise pictures was not really a surprise.  Perhaps it was a moment captured to help save a life.  I am certainly going to do my best to help.  I simply cannot watch an animal suffer!

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