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What’s Up, Buttercup?
Published on Wednesday, June 12, 2013 by

Imagine we are sitting together for lunch… perhaps at Chipotle.  We haven’t seen each other in a week or so.  We begin to talk about what has been happening in our lives.  What are the things I would tell you?


    • Yesterday my son called to say there was a big water leak in the bunkroom of the beach house.  As he went to turn off the light, he got shocked.  I told him to turn off the breaker, as well as the water to the house.  One huge hole later, a small leak from the icemaker hose was fixed.  Slow leaks can turn in to big water, as proven by the soaking wet dresser below the leak.  Fortunately, my son wasn’t hurt.  For that I am very grateful.


Ice maker hose leak

    • My mother closed the car door on her finger, slicing the skin around the offending appendage.  They had to pull the puckered skin straight and glue it.  There is a hairline fracture in her finger as well.  I told my mother I would call her an hour after she took her pain pill, demanding she say the alphabet backwards.  She told me she even can’t do that on a normal day.  “All the better,” I replied.

      • I attended the funeral of a 20-year-old beautiful young girl last weekend.  If you have children, tell them you love them.  NOW.

        • I’ve been wheat/gluten free for 16 days.  I am shooting for a month to see how I do.  On one of those days, I allowed myself a cheat.  Two donuts.  Warm Krispy Kreme.  I am sure you understand.  Not surprisingly, I was exhausted and sluggish for the entire day, and sick to my stomach with horrible reflux the next.  Very VERY interesting.

          • Monday I have an MRI for the part of my back that has always hurt since the crash.  The part of my back I have told countless people about, to no avail.  I am glad somebody finally listened.  You know who you are.  My last appointment brought me news I refused to digest  “We don’t know what is wrong with you, so we will try Topamax just in case it is small nerve damage.”  I looked up the side effects of Topamax.  Numbness and tingling, fatigue, taste change, memory and concentration difficulties (OH GREAT, that is ALL I need) and even potential permanent eye damage and suicidal tendencies.  Yea… ummmm no thanks.  After some discussion, I was given an order for an MRI on the area of my back that hurts enough to bring me to tears.  It may not show anything, which for me TELLS me something.  It means there are not any disc issues, making the diagnosis of small nerve damage more possible.  No news IS news, don’t you think?  I do not want to take Topamax for something that might not even be a problem.  When will the pain from a year old accident end?!
            • Finally… I have neighbors who put a “Free Kittens” sign in their yard.  I also have a 12-year-old daughter who does not know when to stop.  If I hear the words “Free Kitten” one more time, this amazingly patient mother is gonna BLOW.


            funny cat picture

            The most important part of our lunch conversation is what YOU have to tell ME.  Look back a week or two.  What stands out that you would discuss with me over lunch?

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