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What’s on YOUR Tattoo?
Published on Wednesday, August 12, 2009 by

Have you ever had a question pop into your head that was completely random and called for absolutely useless information?  I get those a lot.  Are you surprised?

I’ve posed this question to several people and have been pleasantly pleased at the different answers I receive.  Usually I ask, get a strange look (I’m used to that) and then I have to wait while they think out the question with great seriousness.

So here you go.  “If you were forced to get a tattoo, where would you put it and what would it be?”  Usually the first answer is, “I HAVE to get one?!”  “Yes, you have no choice.  You HAVE to get one.”  Then comes the strange look.  And then the fun part begins.  They really REALLY think it over.

The most surprising answer I received was from a friend who is very “vanilla.”  Nothing fancy, nothing showy.  Just vanilla.  This is a self description.  His answer was, “I would have a thin chain tattooed around my neck with a cross at the bottom.”  What a beautiful thought.

When I posed the question to my mother, a look of utter disbelief and shock crossed  and remained on her face.  I am used to that too.  My poor mother.  As a matter of fact her shock was so great I never received an answer.  However, she did tell me what she would NOT get.  No butterflies and no flowers.  After all, “Everyone gets those.”  I won’t tell you what I suggested for her.  It brought great laughter on my part and a scowl from her.

Mine?  I’ve got it all planned out.  I even tried to construct it for you with my great artistic skillz.  (NOT!)  The Virgin Mary, of course.  Then behind her would be the ocean – but in a Japanese painting style.  I don’t want the waves rough as in the picture below – but more calm and soothing.

To represent my children, I debated.  Yes, I have spent time actually thinking about this.  Sad, no?  But why go on if you can’t amuse yourself!

Shells?  Perhaps.  Starfish?  Maybe.  Then it came to me.   Seaglass has a great significance to me and the members of my family.  If you can find seaglass on the beach, you have SCORED.  Especially if you can show it off with a little, “Nah Nah Nah Nah Nahhhhhhh.”  All in good fun, of course!

So in the waves will be three oddly shaped small colored pieces, representing sea glass – and thus, my children.  I would want red, green and blue.  Vivid colors.

Now, where would I put it?  I would have to ask you folks with tattoos.  What hurts the LEAST!!  I imagine my calf would be the spot.

My mother’s response to my imaginary tattoo?  “Do you really think the Blessed Mother would like to be tattooed on you?!”  Honestly, I’m not sure.  I chose her out of my deep respect and love for her.  So honestly, I don’t think she would mind at all.

I believe tattoos can reveal a great deal about someone. Usually people tend to choose something that has great meaning to them. Me? My religion, my children and the ocean. (My mother would NOT want to be tattooed onto me, trust me on that one!)

Time to share.  Do you have a tattoo?  Where and what?  And if you don’t (like me!), and you HAD TO GET A TATTOO – what would it be and where?

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  • Tamara Meade

    Id I HAD to get a tattoo…

    I would get my children’s name on the inside of my wrist. One name on each wrist.

  • Claire

    I have one tattoo – it is a rose on my ankle. LOL well, I guess everyone does do flowers ha ha BTW the ankle HURTS!!!

  • Arania

    After reading this, I think I like the cross idea!

  • Shelby

    When I have children one day, I would have little birds flying up on the back of one shoulder… one for each child. Little ones… nothing big.

  • I have been contemplating for years on getting a tattoo.. I have always thought I wanted something to do with a bear, a cross and a four leafed clover. I love hunting them. I usually find a few a year. I just love the thought and relaxation of looking for them. You have to not thnk about anything else or you will not find one, you will jus skim right over them. But if you really concentrate, you usually can find one. I always told my children when I die, they are to plant clover over the top of my grave so when they come to visit we can look for 4 leafed clovers together.. So somehow, I wanted to incorporate the 3 things together, if its possible

  • I would get my son’s Name and Birth date Done on the end of my C-Section scar.

  • Cam

    My tatto policy is a personal one, but I respect all others: keep them black only, make sure every one has a meaning, don’t tattoo in a foreign language unless you speak it properly 🙂

    • Cam, I have heard of people getting tattoos in foreign languages and it turned out the tattoo artist wrote something bad or silly on purpose! I wonder if that is true or just an urban legend. I am interested in why black only. Do the colored ones all turn green?

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