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What’s in YOUR Infomercial?
Published on Thursday, June 11, 2009 by

rotisserie chicken infomercialA few years ago a coworker of mine became addicted to an infomercial.  It was the rotisserie infomercial – you know the one.  Roasted chickens, meats… yum.  He said he watched the infomercial like television.  He would stay up late at night gazing at the juicy meats turning and turning, dripping and dripping.  It even became an issue between him and his wife.  “You need to go to bed!”  “It’s almost done honey – the chicken will be on next…” 

My friend finally purchased the rotisserie.  He said every day he came home from work he would enter his house to the smell of savory, tasty meat.  But the addiction didn’t end at that.  His wife told me weeks later, “I caught my husband watching that infomercial again…” 

instyler pictureRecently, I have become addicted to an infomercial myself.  The InStyler.  I think about it at work.  I think about it at home.  I want that InStyler.  I have curly, kinky hair and according to the infomercial, my hair can be straightened faster than I EVER dreamed possible.  And on top of that, my hair will be polished, shiny and silky!  It’s a miracle! 

It is also more than $100!  Sigh.  Goodbye InStyler.  Goodbye silky, shiny hair.  It just wasn’t meant to be.  But yet I am plagued by it day in and day out.  

I can hear my mother now.  “You wanted the Epilady and swore you would use it.  You got it, and it still sits in your closet, unused!”  Yes, she was right about that.  The Epilady was worse than natural childbirth.  And I’ve been through natural childbirth.  It sits untouched in my hall closet, deadly hair-pulling wires fully intact and functional.  But what my mother doesn’t know is I plan to one day become rich off of that Epilady.  It will be worth millions soon, and Ebay is calling my name.  Mint condition! 

You know… I have another blog that I write reviews in.  Perhaps… do you think…. ?  Perhaps if I contact the InStyler company I can offer a review if they send me the InStyler, free of charge?  You think?  My mind is racing!  Shiny hair!  POLISHED HAIR… I MUST HAVE THAT INSTYLER! 

So I ask you.  What is YOUR infomercial dream?

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