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What’s in YOUR Cake?
Published on Wednesday, December 5, 2012 by

My Mom always knew how to do birthdays.  Choose your own breakfast, lunch, dinner and cake.  Presents immediately followed the singing and blowing out of candles.  It was a spectacular day, indeed!

My very first birthday cake was angelfood.  My second birthday?  Devil’s food.  Do you think my mother was trying to tell me something?

I don’t remember at what age I decided my favorite birthday cake was angel food topped with seven minute icing.  Leave it to me to choose something requiring slaving over a stove, a double broiler and a beater.  But bless her heart, my mom makes it for me every-single-year.

seven minute icing

Do you have a favorite birthday cake?  Or TWO favorite birthday cakes??

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  • Ron

    Is today your birthday, Katherine?????

    If it is….HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my friend!

    That cake looks YUMMY!

    My favorite birthday cake is chocolate on chocolate. I LOVE chocolate!

    Either that, or a plain white cake with the traditional white frosting. I love to dip my finger into the icing and pop into my mouth before I cut the cake!

    Hope you had a FAB day!


    • Ron, I have to admit. I froze most of the leftover cake. But most of that leftover cake has almost no frosting… because of me and my finger…. HA HA!

      You would get along with my daughter BIG TIME. If she doesn’t have chocolate every day or so she gets the shakes!

  • Although I never had it as a birthday cake, carrot cake is high on the list. My all time favorite cake ever is something my mom called Scotch Chocolate cake, and no there is no scotch in it. But, it is the best cake ever, and she would occasionally make one for me to take to work. Everyone raved about it. I have her recipe – I should make one, then write about it.

    Noting comment below – Ron would love this cake!

    • Please please please make it and blog about it!!! Funny… I read your post BEFORE I read your comment. Then laughed at the carrot cake! I get it now!

  • OMG! YUMMMMY!! And that’s AWESOME your mom still makes your favorite birthday cake for you. And I’m glad you were able to enjoy it even with your sick daughter! XOXOX

    • I hadn’t thought about that Meleah… it’s like I’m a kid still…. I am super lucky she does that for me! Yeaaaa!

  • Mel

    OH my gosh…….step away from the cake!!

    Yup–angelfood cake with whipped cream and strawberries–but this one’ll do! 🙂

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