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What to Expect During an MRI
Published on Sunday, July 15, 2012 by

Two weeks of pain.  Time for an MRI, ya think?  My very first.  I don’t have a lot of those left!

Three different people from the hospital three different times asked, “Are you claustrophobic? “  Perhaps I should have gotten the hint?

I arrived at 7:15 a.m., did the paperwork, had to listen to the stories of the many sexual escapades in the Olympic Village and then Taaaa Daaaa!  They called me back.

I had to answer about 30 questions about potential metal pieces in and near my body.  Surprisingly, they asked me to leave my shirt on, take off my bra, jewelry and leave everything else on.  “What about the metal button on my pants?  The metal on my shoes?  Why had I been asked so many questions?”

And my big question?  Why did they ask me if I have a tattoo?

I was quickly led to the table, got on my back, fit my neck in the holder and dutifully inserted the ear plugs.  A mask was placed over my face.  “You will hear me inside of the machine, and if you speak REALLY LOUDLY I will hear you too.”  What?  REALLY LOUDLY?  Ummm….

And then they slid me in.

When I opened my eyes, I saw I was encased in a white plastic tube that was just inches from my face.  Why am I breathing faster?

Indeed, it’s all a mind game.  There is NOTHING to an MRI.  No needles, nothing invasive.  And who doesn’t appreciate being snuggled up in a horizontal position with nothing better to do than relax and snooze?

But I was actually breathing faster!  So my own mind games began.  I purposely began to think.  It began with “Oh my God, I am heartly sorry….” and continued to menu planning, counting and a bit of Katy Perry running through my head.  “Falllllingggg from cloud ninnnneeeeee…..”

All the while, “Bump bump bump bump whirl whirl whirl whirl zzztttt zzztttt zzzttttttttt.”

By the end, I was in one of the tube thingies from The USS Enterprise.  “Shuttle craft to Enterprise, Shuttle craft to Enterprise, the MRI is almost complete.”  Thanks to Spock, the end of my MRI was just fine, if not entertaining.

mri proceedure

Results on Monday or Tuesday.  I’m oh so over this pain.

Have you had an MRI?  How did you do?  Was it a breeze or a complete and utter freak out?  Did you ask the test to be stopped?  Or did you sleep through the entire thing?

mom blog

  • The next time I have a MRI I’m going to imagine that I’m in a shuttle craft. LOL! You really nailed what a MRI is like, except the headphones are usually broken – no music. I’m supposed to have a MRI every year because I have MS. I’m claustrophobic and haven’t gone in a while. Maybe, I’ll beam up and get one.

    • Ha ha Spock helped a LOT!  I didn’t have music – wish I had.  It was these little cone shaped earplugs and then cushions that go in between the head cage thing and your ears.  Those helped… if I had not been able to hear I think I would have freaked out then…. music would have been nice but no dice.  Wow, one every year.  You are on a pedestal in my mind…. !!!!

  • I’ve never had an MRI, but when I was being trained for my job I got a tour of our general hospital which included seeing how an MRI is performed. Did they ask you to hold your breath? I can imagine that if someone is claustrophobic, holding your breath wouldn’t be easy.

    • Oh my GOSH I can’t imagine holding your breath!  She actually told me not to swallow much and guess what that makes you do?  SWALLOW!

  • Mel

    Ummmmm……yes, I’ve had multiple MRI’s.  And it wasn’t until last year that I knew THAT one wasn’t going to happen again.

    And I’m not claustrophobic…..
    I wasn’t certain I was going to make it to the end–but I did.

    This year, when it was time….I informed the physician that I would need the ‘opened air’  model.
    Uh huh…and when the nurse scheduled a plain ol’ ‘casket’ version……  



    I’m going to hope for answers for that pain that keeps finding you…..soon…….

    • Oh wow I didn’t think casket, but you are RIGHT!  Holy cow!  Glad I didn’t think of that earlier!  Course I could have pretended I was in the movie Twilight or something and a gorgeous vampire was coming to save me.  But I digress.  Yup, you have certainly had your fill of mri’s, I’m sure.  My question… do the open ones take longer?

  • The Ortho docs that we use have their own open, sitting MRI. It is really cool. I once worked in a radiology department and my office was next to the MRI. They used my office to give the small kids Benadryl to keep them still before the test. Hope that you get good results!!

    • Ha ha… I’m such a lightweight Benadryl would have knocked me out so much they would have to PULL me out!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂  Mom said she did an open MRI and it took longer than the enclosed one.  Very interesting!  I would love to actually see the films or whatever they use with an MRI!

  • Hope everything went well… thinking of you! (((hugs)))

  • Ron

    No, I’ve never had an MRI but I know I would FREAK OUT because I am so claustrophobic.

    Now my mother (because of her illness back in March) has had several MRI’s and said that it didn’t bother her at all.

    Anyway Katherine, I hope the results came out well and that you’re feeling better.

    ((((( You )))))


    • Thank you so much Ron.  Another reason not to drive… the OTHER people on the road!  Turns out I have three bulging discs.  That’s a future post. Ugh.  But it could have been worse!

  • Oh I’ve had an MRI. And the sounds, those loud banging noises scared the hell out of me! 

  • PS: I hope they can make your pain go away ASAP

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