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What Is YOUR Ghost Story?!
Published on Wednesday, October 28, 2009 by

real ghost storiesHalloween is just around the corner.  Time for candy corn, spider webs and ghost stories.  Do YOU have any ghost stories?  Not the one about the hook in the door.  I mean REAL ghost stories.

I believe just about everybody has had something happen to them that was, well, unexplainable.  Or perhaps it actually made perfect sense.

Personally, I’ve smelled the cigar smoke of a ghost that haunted an old theater I used to work at.  I’ve also seen a flower blow towards me when there was no wind – a sign from my father at his gravesite.

But my mom has a better story.  Are you ready?  Turn down the lights and take a seat.

My father died about 13 years ago from cancer.  There was never a better man that walked this earth.  He would never come back to “SCARE” anyone.  But to comfort them?  Absolutely.

Unfortunately, before my dad died I mentioned I didn’t want him to appear to me because it would “freak me out.”  Big mistake.  Cause I sure would like to see my father again.  But there was no talk about this between my mom and dad!

It was my middle son’s birthday and my mother was at my house in the living room while I was in the kitchen.   I turned to see her walk in with a “look” on her face that I had never seen before.  She said, “I just saw your father.”  –silence–  “What?”  “He was standing there looking healthy and smiling – just there in the living room.”

You see, my middle son was born just a few months before my dad died.  My father only held him once, and never got to enjoy time with him.  My mother and I decided this was my father coming to tell us that he loved Michael, loved us and was OK.

A second time my mother saw him in their bedroom.  I believe she woke up and rolled over, only to find him there.  Seeing him was reassuring for my mother.

Of course my dad isn’t a GHOST, per say.  He just brought us comfort when we needed it the most.  But you have to admit, this kind of thing doesn’t happen every day, does it?

Have you seen somebody you love that has passed?  Or have you witnessed the unexplainable, whether scary or not?  Are there any ghosts in your past?   What about those great stories from when you were a kid and saw something absolutely frightening that you can’t explain to this day?  What is YOUR ghost story?

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