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Shoot Me NowWhat did they think I was doing, anyway?!

What did they think I was doing, anyway?!
Published on Thursday, April 3, 2008 by

workoutThis is a great one.  My co-worker and I have just joined Curves together.  This is a workout gym for women just down the street from us – perfect for the lunch hour!  We haven’t mentioned it to anyone else – we want to wait until people start noticing the results.

Our first day was Monday.  I brought a shirt and pants to change in to once we were there.  Following our workout I changed back in to my clothes and returned to work.

About two hours later, I had two co-workers chase me down the hall with great excitement.  “Wait! Wait!  We have to talk to you!”  I stopped and they literally cornered me while one said almost accusingly, “You must have had a GREAT lunch!”  My mind began to race.  How did they know we joined?  What should I say?!  Then one of them plucked my shirt, smiling.  I looked down, and lo and behold – I had put my shirt on inside out!

I casually shrugged my shoulders and replied, “Ehh.. it wasn’t that good,” and walked right in to the bathroom to change.  I waited until the door closed before I started to laugh!

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