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Shoot Me NowWhat are these shrimp-like creatures?

What are these shrimp-like creatures?
Published on Friday, August 15, 2008 by

Can you help to name these shrimp-like creatures?  While we were at Little Island in Sandbridge, located in Virginia Beach, we found these tiny little creatures holding on to the seaweed that was connected to a pier piling under the water. Then we saw they were also out of the water, crawling on the actual piling.  They were longer than shrimp – half like shrimp, half like long bugs.  This picture is not an easy way to see them, but if you look carefully you will see they are all over the barnacles and in the water.  They have what look like little antenae on their head’s, almost resembling the letter “v.”  What do you think?

What are these little guys?

What are these little guys?

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