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Pot Brownies Like Your Mother Used To Make
Published on Tuesday, August 16, 2011 by

Pot brownies.  Remember those?  I haven’t heard those two words together since High School.

I will never forget sitting on the band bus on the way to Disney World, soon to hear quite a stir from the rear.  Whispering, giggling and snickering flowed like a wave from back to front.

The cause of this hushed excitement?  Katey and Char were apparently quite high on pot brownies.   I believe vomiting later ensued.

You may be asking, “Katherine, what is the cause of your recent band trip nostalgia?”  Behold.  The Kush Cake:

kush cakes

Where did I find these pot brownie imposters?  In my very favorite 7-11.  Yes my friends, in 7-11.  On the front counter, right next to the Reese’s and the children’s bracelets.

Of COURSE I googled these babies as soon as I got home.  What are Kush Cakes?

Kush cakes are brownies mixed with the “natural hormone supplement” Melatonin and with Valerian to “create a sense of relaxation.”  They are legal and can be eaten while drinking alcohol.  As a matter of fact, the company states, “Be careful, you may get REALLY relaxed. Oh no!”

Funny thing though.  The disclaimer at the bottom of the web page also states, “Do not mix with alcohol.”  Ummm…. Didn’t they just state they CAN be eaten with alcohol?

Now for my favorite line, and I quote:

“You will love the taste, they are just like your mom’s home baked brownies!”

Just like mother used to make.  I always wondered what her secret ingredient was.

Do you mind if I get on my soapbox for a minute?


Alright 7-11.  How could you?  Our love affair has been a good one, to say the least.  Dark Mountain Roast.  Strawberry Kefir.  And Slurpees that served as perfect treats after pediatrician visits, childhood shots and the flu.

But you have strayed.  You have placed Pot Brownie lookalikes right next to my daughter’s very favorite candy.  Directly in front of the cash register, causing quite a few questions as to why we can’t buy a pretty brownie.

If you are going to sell that stuff, keep it behind the counter with the cigarettes – out of site from little ones with slurpee’s in their hands and chocolate on their minds.


I am neither a prude nor a hypocrite.  After all, I purchase the occasional Java monster.  I buy coffee to wake myself up.  But Kush Cakes?  At some point, family frequented stores need to draw a line.  Or at least keep that stuff behind the counter.

Am I just being a prude?

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