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Shoot Me NowPhotographer…. Stalker…. Details, details.

Photographer…. Stalker…. Details, details.
Published on Saturday, July 6, 2013 by

Taking pictures of random strangers.

Candid shots.  Private moments.  Whispers of time discretely captured with a single push of the button.  How cool is that?

But me?  I’m a chicken.  “What if I get caught?  What if someone gets mad?”

Buck Buck Buck!

So guess what I did while wandering the grounds of Whalehead Club this Fourth of July?  I mustered up my courage and went in to full stealth mode.  (Much to the dismay of my daughter, who mumbled the word “Stalker” more times than I can count.)

Photographer…. Stalker….  Details, details.

The pictures?  I love them!  Here are a few of my favorite stalker moments, captured at Whalehead Club in Corolla, NC.

  happy family

This is one of my favorite pictures.  What was he crying about?

crying boy

Good Humor Ice Cream Truck

A quiet moment with Dad and Daughter.

resting foot

A not so quiet moment while dad helps his crying son.

hurt foot

man with camera

teens on boat

tired kids

packing clown

This was the hardest shot for me to get.  I had to wait for her to take a bite without calling attention to myself.  With patience came success!

eating Popsicle

girl on boat

Her brother has seen this trick before.

back bend

upside down kid

duck lip picture

When I showed my son this picture, he told me I should get an email from the couple so I could send them the shot. Sheepishly, I approached them and said, “I just got a perfect photo of you (STALKER!)…. Would you like it?” As the young woman turned, I saw a) she was a ginger and b) she had an expensive camera on her hip. I breathed a sigh of relief.

sunset kiss

teens talking

braiding hair picture

 What?  Me worry?funny kid

man with funny hat

  potato sack race

sunset photographer

Finally, my moment of FAIL.  Notice the crab trap stuck to the propeller?  Definitely picture worthy.  In my great excitement, I jumped up and started snapping.  A few of the family members started to wave at me.  BUSTED.  My own family?  Mortified.

crab net in propeller

Have you ever been caught taking a picture of a stranger?  What happened next?

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  • Bijoux

    Those are some stealthy shots and for some reason, I particularly enjoyed the crying ones! Hahaha….

    I’ve attempted people shots for blogger purposes, but I’m a big chicken. I can barely take photos of people’s houses, cars, etc. when I see weird stuff. I’m always afraid they’ll come running out and start questioning me.

    • That is the way I feel too!!! I will take a picture and then look around guiltily! But legally you can take pix of strangers and post them as long as it isn’t in an ad form. That doesn’t make it any easier to do!

      I really liked the crying ones too. Such a private moment… I felt guilty posting them but they were so cool in my mind. I am so glad you liked them!

  • Jay of The Depp Effect

    Oh I love them – especially the ‘crying’ picture. People usually take only happy shots of their family – I didn’t! I have several of mine either filthy dirty and having been mildly chastised or wailing because something went wrong or they hurt themselves, and it does show a different side of their character, and a certain intimacy which you don’t get in the happy pictures.

    I’m a ‘stalker’ too. I’ve done it as long as I can remember. Candid shots are – or can be – great for atmosphere and the real feel of an event, or just to show a side of human nature you’d otherwise miss. Can’t tell you how many perfect shots I’ve missed though, because someone moved.

    Have I ever been caught? Um, yes, but if someone scowls at me I usually either pretend I wasn’t looking at them anyway, or drop the camera down and look put out, as if they’ve just moved into frame and spoiled my shot! 😉

    I’ve offered photos to people once or twice. I have never, EVER got a thank you back when I emailed them over afterwards. And one email address didn’t work, so I guess they didn’t trust me.

    BTW, I answered your ‘Sid’ question in my comments!

    • I LOVE YOUR IDEA! Looking put out as if they wrecked your shot! AH HA HA! I have to remember that one!!!!

      I think crying pictures are interesting. I’ve got a picture of three of my children each crying on santa’s lap. It is tradition to take these pictures out every year… they crack us up!

  • Ron


    BRAVA, Katherine!!!! Every single one of these captures is brilliant!

    I’m proud of you for taking these candid shots!

    My three favorites are the one of the woman and child standing next to the Good Humor Ice Cream truck, the couple embracing in front of the sunset, and the little boy (with the Hello My Name Is) staring straight ahead.

    Katherine, my friend, you are who hell of a fabulous photographer!

    You GO, girl!!!!

    *two thumbs up*


    • Ron, I was telling Mel… the couple in the sunset? She wrote back and said it was their HONEYMOON! I was so happy I got that picture for them!

      I think the little boy was the son of the dad with the HUGE hat. I’m suspecting he is hoping Dad takes it off… SOON!

      • Ron

        OMG…how AWESOME was that, Katherine?!?!?!?

        And see, if hadn’t had the courage to be a stalker, this would have never happened!

        You GO, girl!


  • Amazing Katherine. You really nailed those shots. I love the picture of the man in the blue shirt and hat for its comic value. The others are breathtaking in the way you captured a moment of human emotion.

    Btw, what was Dr. Seuss doing there?

    • Ha ha that wasn’t Dr. Seuss, that was my DAD! (OK not really)

      The boy looking directly at me was actually next to the hat man on the bridge. More than anything I think he was thinking, “Oh please take off that hat. Oh PLEASE take off that hat!”

  • Mel

    What an amazing collection. Well worth the sweating. And I’m impressed you confessed and offered the shot to the couple–I hope they took you up on it.
    No, I’ve not snuck shots of folks–don’t think I could reconcile myself to it. LOL Call me a chicken, I guess, but I just cannot do it.

    • Guess what?! The couple? I got the young woman’s email and sent her the pic. She wrote back and said that she hadn’t mentioned it, but that they were ON THEIR HONEYMOON!! She said the picture would be a wonderful memory of their special time. I was SO HAPPY my son encouraged me to talk to them!

  • barbj92

    Hi Katherine,
    Thank you for coming to my blog. You are like myself; I am not too courageous when it comes to people photos. Or, if there is a big event and everyone is staring away…
    Your’s are awesome and this was well Worth the patience…

    • It was a lot of fun to do. Maybe one day I will get enough courage to take pictures openly of people…. but probably not!!!

  • I love your stalking pictures!!! I am always so hesitant to snap random pics but it’s a rare day that I don’t see interesting things. I need Google glasses that make spying less obvious.

    • I have had so many moments I WISHED I had my camera with me! I guess “thank goodness for iphones” but I have a code on mine so by the time I get in to the camera it is too late!

      • That is the story of my life! I see some great (which is usually funny) shot and by the time I get my Iphone camera up, the moment is gone.

  • I am loving these pictures, Katherine! And I’m glad you decided to be a brave stalker! Some of these images are truly fabulous!

  • I’m still a big chicken when it comes to taking shots of people. You did great job though, especially on “Alfred E. Newman” and the sunset couple.

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