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Shoot Me NowLet’s play, “What IS That?”

Let’s play, “What IS That?”
Published on Saturday, September 1, 2012 by

Let’s play a guessing game called, “What IS That?!”

 spilled chili

This is what happens when a certain person (ahem, ME) finds HUGE chunks of nasty tasting meat in her Wendy’s chili and decides to fling the chunks out of the window at 55 mph.

Did you guess right?

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  • Ron

    ” and decides to fling the chunks out of the window at 55 mph.”

    OMG…how FUNNY!

    I don’t know, but to me it looks like the remnants of a MILK SHAKE!

    Have a faaaaaaabulous Labor Day weekend, my friend!!


  • Mel

    Nope–but I was really, really close. LOL
    I ain’t gonna tell ya HOW close–might make ya gag more than the chili meat did. :-/

    • I forgot to clean it… and am now driving around my neighborhood with what looks like vomit on my window. On the driver’s side. I am nothing but class. Did I guess what YOU guessed?? 🙂

  • Oh snap!

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