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I Want To Be a Weekend Warrior
Published on Monday, February 21, 2011 by

One of my guys has been playing indoor soccer this winter at the Virginia Beach Field House.  When we first entered the field house I was completely blown away.  There were kids of all ages playing basketball, soccer and volleyball, all in the same building.  Moreover, there were men of all ages playing indoor flag football – something I did not even know existed.

Sure, I remember flag football as a kid.  Although I was horrible in sports and was the last to be picked for everything , flag football was something I didn’t necessarily dread.  The guys playing at the field house looked like the aging jocks from high school.  So this is where they end up!  Some have remained amazingly fit while others are sporting expanding guts paired with hairier body parts.  Either way, these guys are out there and having fun.

I want to play flag football!  At 45, I absolutely want to get out on that field and play.  Unfortunately, even if they have an aging ladies team – WITH expanding guts paired with hairier body parts – my schedule would not allow for such folly.  But in my head, I know I could play, and play well!

When one of the football games was over, a team huddled on the sidelines to discuss the game.

“It’s OK!  It’s OK!  This was only our first game!  We’ll do better next time! “

In unison:  “Yea!  Yea!”

“We are a new team and we just have to play a bit more together.  We’ll get them next time!”

“Yea!  Yea!”

“Now, let’s go out and drink some beer!”

Weekend warriorism is alive and well and living in Hampton Roads.  And I think that’s cool!

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  • I can see you as a weekend warrior. I’m almost 60 so I wonder what team I could play on? Bwahahahahaha. Now that would be a sight to see.

    Have a terrific day. 🙂

  • Mishelle

    I like how even tho they didn’t win – it ends in beer. I think all chores should end that way too!!

    They look like they had fun!


    • Yes, I agree… if it ends in beer, it is probably a GOOD TIME!

  • If it’s something you really want to do, I think you should look into it. You might find you really enjoy it. Maybe you could play with the boys. It isn’t like it is tackle so there shouldn’t be any inappropriate touching.

    • I think the boys would HATE having a woman on the team!!! They can spit and scratch any time with no women there. I wonder what it would be like playing with women though – some can be very competitive. The whole “reeeeer” cat fight thing? Of course if it is women my age, they are probably in the same boat as me and would be a blast to play with!

  • Do it, Katherine!
    But you might want to do something about those “hairier body parts!” LOL

  • Metoometoometoometoo! I want to be on your team!!! That looks like WICKED fun!!

    • Let’s GO FOR IT! I really think it would be a BLAST… hard, but fun. Wonder if I could actually kick a football, AND make it through the goal?

  • Saelen

    We have an indoor complex in my town, and even when the entire town is shut down because of snow, that place is hopping. It’s kind of crazy.
    On weekends the parking lot is full by 7am. I kid you not!
    I think you should go for it. Get on a team. It will be fun.

    • Saelen it is VERY tempting. Maybe it is something I can do in the summer when there are no school pickups. I had never been in a sportsplex before. It was wonderful seeing people of all ages having fun and staying fit!

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