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So Shines a Good Deed in a Weary World
Published on Saturday, February 19, 2011 by

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My son and I were out and about when he asked for a quick stop at Burger King.  After getting his food, we parked in the nearby shopping center so he could grab me an eggroll.  It was his way of thanking me for his fast food treat.   I sat in the parking lot playing Angry Birds, thinking it was taking quite a while to get a single eggroll.  Indeed, there was a reason for the delay.   One that made my stomach roll.

When my son returned he told me about a woman in the restaurant who had been yelling at the cashier.  The woman didn’t understand what the cashier was saying and screamed, “If you come to America, learn how to speak English PROPERLY!”

I was stunned.

After the woman spewed those filthy words, the cashier went to the back.  One of the male cooks took the rest of the “lady’s” order and Michael got the eggroll.

We talked about it on the way back.  I said I would have spoken up immediately if I had heard that.  My son wished he had.  After thinking it out, I explained I was glad he didn’t.  After all, you never know who has a gun and what might set him or her off.  The important thing is the cashier was alright and my son was safe in the car, headed towards home.

My son can choose his fights when he is older, and I know he will.  He has a good heart, and it hurt me to think a simple eggroll resulted in his witness to a disgusting encounter.  Ironically, my son said this woman did not have a firm grasp of the English language herself.  Ironic indeed.

Sometimes I simply shake my head at the world.  What is so hard about being kind?  Respectful?  Friendly?  Grateful?  Imagine a world where kindness prevailed.  Where people said “Please” and “Thank you.”  Just imagine.

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  • Try getting out on the highways of California and you’ll get a really good dose of bad manners. Hardly anyone has good manners anymore.

    Have a terrific day. 🙂

  • Mishelle

    You’re right unfortunately – she could have gone off on your son as well but DAMN I hate people like that! She probably is the type of person who expect to go to another country and expect everyone to talk to her in perfect english there as well.

    It is sad when people tale it out on people who don’t deserve it.

    What makes me smile (and I know that sounded weird but wait… ) was your son knew it was wrong and wanted to stand up and regretted not doing it. You raised a very good boy there, congrats.


  • Katherine,
    Sometimes when weird stuff happens, your brain doesn’t function in real time and gets suck in neutral. There have been many times I wish I had responded to things I’ve heard but my mouth and brain weren’t in sync. Afterward, you think of a bazillion things you could have said. The fact that your son felt the way he did and verbalized it to you is a testament to all the good you have instilled in him.

  • One of the reasons I have become so anti-social. It’s sad when someone who days or says something nice shocks the heck out of you.

  • Mean people suck. It’s best to keep your distance.

  • Life is hard enough to navigate without people like that. I find people are a whole lot happier to see you coming when you smile and say “have a nice day”.

    • I like how Zig Ziglar thinks. If he sees someone who looks stressed or angry he kills them with kindness and wins them over. When people ask how he is, he says, “If I was any better I would think the deck was stacked!”

  • Isn’t that the truth, where did our simple decency disappear too? Everyday we learn new life lessons, Your son is lucky to have such a good mom. Usually you get advice from the fortune cookie, who would of thought the same from the lowly egg roll.

  • Uubloguu

    I give no support to rudeness and the customer was completely wrong, however, have you ever tried to tell someone who was hired to take your order, not understand what you were saying?
    What about trying to ask for dark meat instead of white, or asking if the sauce is hot or mild. What about the frustration for paying for something you hadn’t asked for.
    No big deal but if the purpose was to communicate and the person can’t communicate why is he holding that position?

    • I understand your point. I do have an answer though – a family runs/owns the restaurant and she is one of the family members who owns it. I had actually been in there earlier that day and didn’t have any trouble understanding her, although I listened very carefully. She was so sweet – she gave me a menu and then replaced it with one that had coupons. When I left I was smiling because she was so pleasant. That is why it broke my heart that someone would speak to her like that. I only wish the woman had said, “I am sorry, I don’t understand you. Can someone else help me?”

  • UNBELIEVABLE. The good thing about that encounter? It made him very uncomfortable. And while I’m glad he didn’t step forward either, it’s a pretty safe bet that he’ll never do that to anyone himself. Sometimes those are the best lessons learned. You’re obviously raising a kind and caring young man. You go Mom! 😉

    • THANK YOU SO MUCH. After being sick for a week I am back online a bit, and missed so many comments. You just brought the first smile to my face in a week. THANK YOU!

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