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Shoot Me NowWait… I’m on VACATION!?

Wait… I’m on VACATION!?
Published on Monday, July 2, 2012 by

We are on our week family vacation at the beach house right now.  No more blog writing challenges, no more getting up for work, no more “you have to be here at this time.”  Funny how it takes time to actually RELAX.  I’m not quite there yet.

Unfortunately, I left town without getting the proper medical treatment that I really needed, leaving me with a week of “what will hurt THIS time when I get up in the morning.”

I plan to call my doctor tomorrow to get an appointment for Monday.  It does not seem fair to be physically fit, lift weights and do just about anything I want, only to be faced with daily pain and lack of all exercise through no fault of my own.

Despite that, I am doing everything I can to enjoy my time with my brother, his daughters, my mother and my kids.  I see my brother about once a year, so this time is pretty much sacred to me.

We arrived Friday night.  Here is my recap so far, in pictures.

We went for years without seeing the bucks.  This year, there are many.

Corolla Deer

These guys come by a lot, only to be chased off by a catbird.

obx crows

My kids were thrown by the heads.  “Shrimp have heads?!”

headed shrimpPrime steak, aged and cooked perfectly by my brother.  I can’t eat steak with gastroparesis, but ate FOUR PIECES with no ill effects.  I was in heaven.

age beef

One of our deer found a delicious treat, left by… US!  Peanut butter and bird seed on a pinecone.   And NO, this is NOT the “before” picture of the one just above.  Honest.

obx deer

Henna tattoo night.  Notice all the people on the decks looking out at the wildlife.  A truly magical night.

corolla henna tattoo

My first henna tattoo.  it looks so much better on my leg than on my hair, don’t you agree?  None of the patterns piqued my interest, until I saw this one.  Which I chose because….beads and braids tattoo

This picture was a “fail.”  But when I looked at it on my computer I realized it is one of my favorites.  That is one of our fox in the back.

obx fox

This is Long Tail.  He is the shyer of the two foxes we have named.

gray fox

And this is our favorite, Half Tail!

fox with no tail

How many more adventures are to come this week?  I can’t wait to find see, but I’m not in a hurry for them all to happen at once.  Time to sit, Katherine… stop… relax…rest…BREATHE.

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