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Shoot Me NowHampton Roads Storm, May 24, 2011

Hampton Roads Storm, May 24, 2011
Published on Tuesday, May 24, 2011 by

The surprise wasn’t that we had a bad storm.  Rather, it was the fact that it came out of nowhere.

Just after 4:00 I looked out of my window, noticing it had suddenly gotten dark.  Expecting to see a cloud covering the sun, I was stunned to see something quite different.  The neighborhood across the street seemed to be in turmoil while my area was dark but still.

It came that fast for everyone.  We went from calm and clear to what looked like hurricane strength wind in minutes.  I couldn’t call my kids fast enough to be sure they were OK.

On the way home I drove by flooded streets, fallen trees, a moderate fire and a totaled car surrounded by police.

Downed power lines and trees across roads brought back memories of Hurricane Isabel.   But we had plenty of warning before Isabel hit.  Today’s storm was out of nowhere.

Looking at pictures of Joplin, MO on the news tonight makes me thankful for what little damage we had in our tiny little squall.  Our whirlwind storm was scary.  I cannot begin to imagine what it was like in Joplin.  My prayers go to everyone who has suffered due to these deadly storms across America.

Now, what does a blogger do after a big local storm?  She takes pictures!

virginia beach storm

My Street, Power Lines Down


hampton roads storm

Power Line Pole Down On My Street


Funny Tree Picture

Either I Moved The Camera Or You Had One Too Many Tonight


Funny Storm Caption

I TOLD you to wait for the exterminator!


Captions… I know you have a million of them.  Got any better ones for this picture?  It is just ASKING for a good caption!

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  • Yikes it looks pretty scary to me.  I’m glad you and your babies are okay.  I hate all these nasty storms.  Enough is enough and we need some quiet.

    Have a terrific day.   🙂

    • Yes, enough IS enough… no more storms… from Japan to here… it is just awful. It seems as soon as you don’t have one in the front of your mind, another comes along.

  • WOW. That was a bad storm. Glad you are all OK. I really feel for those affected. It must be a terrifying thing to go through.

  • These storms are horrible this year.  I am glad you are OK.  Fortunately, we have had no damage in our neck of the woods, but NC was hit back in April.

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  • Oh My Goodness. I’m glad no one was seriously injured. Yikes. 

    • Waiting to hear your car accident story… are you still OK? Worried about that!

  • I am glad everyone is okay.  We had one of those last year.  It was the first tornado I had ever heard of in our neck of the woods.

    • Did the tornado come near you? Did anyone you know see or experience it? Those and earthquakes are SO SCARY to me… at least with a hurricane, which we get, you can leave with plenty of warning!

  • So many terrible storms this year! I’m glad you’re okay!

    • It really was scary, as we don’t get many bad storms. When there is a hurricane near, we go to Grandma’s who has no trees… and if it was more than a category 2 I would leave. So this gave us a tiny TINY taste of what others in the country are going through… I just can’t imagine.

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