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It’ll Just Be A Room Full Of Nerdy Women…
Published on Sunday, March 17, 2013 by

“Mom, do I look cute?” my daughter asked as she studied herself in the full-length mirror.  “Yes, you do look cute.  But honey, it really won’t matter how you look.  We will be in a building full of nothing but nerdy women.”

(Turns out… I was wrong!)

Soon after, we were on the road with grandma and a friend for the 27th Annual Virginia Beach Spring Craft Market.

sea glass necklaces

The young woman who made this was extremely talented and shared tips on drilling sea glass. I was happy to find sea glass drilling is slow for EVERYONE, not just me.

red neck fire alarm

You have to admit… it would work!

I fell in LOVE with this necklace.  I didn’t have any money with me, but want it like a little girl jumping up and down crying kind of  want it.  You can see this woman’s incredible work HERE.  I hope that whomever gets this piece will love it just as much as I did!

creatures on totoro

If you know Totoro, you know this little guy!

husband waiting area

I had to walk closer to read the sign… see below.

funny husband sign

After all, we WERE at a craft show!

My daughter’s first purchase was for the dogs.  I love that girl.  Here is what she came home with:

craft store purchases

Homemade dog treats, natural pina colada lip balm and polymer clay earrings.

As we walked towards the car after our adventure, I asked my daughter and her friend what they liked the most.  Her friend blurted out, “THE SOUP!”

Ummm… weren’t we at a CRAFT SHOW?

My daughter explained.  “Yea Mom.  These people were selling soup packets they made and had free samples.  She was hungry and went to every-single-one!  They were SO GOOD!”

Some people go to Craft Shows for sea-glass jewelry ideas.  Others go to look at handmade clothing and art.  And then there are those who go for…. The Soup.

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  • Ron

    Bwhahahahahahahaha! Katherine, I LOVE the Redneck Fire Alarm! OMG…that is beyond brilliant!

    Ooooo….and I am so impressed with the handmade jewelry piece you shared here. I quickly took a peek at the Gilded Lily Glass website and you’re right…she is VERY talented. I need to check out her Esty Store as well.

    LOVE the Husband’s Waiting Area – HA!

    Boy, your daughter came home with some great stuff! The hamburger doggy treats are adorable!

    Glad you had great weekend, my friend!


    • You know what Ron, some of those doggie treats actually looked TASTY. We were holding them up to our noses smelling, going… hmmmm……

  • That looks like a fun outing. The dog made out well it appears. (sweet girl to buy treats for her pet)

    I totally agree with your daughters friend…I love craft shows that have the soups you sample.

    • With this being my first craft show, I had NO idea they had food samples. I think the girls tasted every single one!

  • Heather

    Love all the pictures!

  • Barb

    My favorite craft show I ever went to was giving out samples of wine made into a slushie!!!! 😉

  • Mel

    Ohhhhhhh noooooooooo…’re not the only one who thinks it takes forEVER to drill through sea glass!! Just sayin’…..
    And I adore the work that gal who made the necklace does–yes, went snooping…….amazing stuff!
    *laughing* I like the men’s waiting area–but mostly, I loved that you had to admit you were WRONG. 😉
    What great kiddos…..LOLOL

    • Mel… after Easter I plan to post some pix of seaglass jewelry I’ve been making. I haven’t purchased silver chain yet… I’ll have to save up. But even with the cheap stuff I’m happy with what I’ve done. And I don’t have a crafty bone in my body! Her stuff is so beautiful… and she was so sweet!

      • I wondered why you hadn’t started marketing your stuff. If all you need is silver chain, send me an email with the gauge & number of yards you want and I’ll get that shit in the mail STAT! I have a friend who’s a jewelry maker & I’m sure she can direct me to the best place to grab that stuff.

  • Alex

    mood improved

  • I totally want that kitty necklace, too. I love craft shows. Used to go to so many of them when I lived in L.A. The Harvest Festival took over the entire convention center.

    • I cannot IMAGINE what you saw at craft shows in LA! Things must have been spectacular!!!

  • We have some marvelous craft fairs here in Upstate New York, but I rarely get to them. How fun to have your daughter to go with!

    • I had never actually been to a craft fair. We have little craft shows here and there at churches and schools.. but hadn’t been to anything big like that. Some of the artists simply blew me away!

  • Yeah, uh where’s the big screen tv for watching football in the Husband’s waiting area?

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