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Shoot Me NowOrdering a Monkey from the1960’s Sears Catalog

Ordering a Monkey from the1960’s Sears Catalog
Published on Sunday, March 11, 2018 by

This past weekend I was on a great antiquing adventure in Selma, NC with friends.  One of them purchased an early 1960’s Sears catalog.  As I flipped through the pages in the hotel room I was brought back to a time I hardly even knew.  With each turn of the page I laughed, ooh’ed and ah’d and took quick cell phone shots to share with friends.

The bath shop featured this beautiful green sixties bathroom layout.  Did they really carpet everything back then?  Did no one have boys in the family?  AND LOOK AT THE CARPETED BATHROOM SCALE!

bad 60's bathroom

I actually love old chenille bedspreads.  I would do anything to have this space themed chenille bedspread.

vintage chenille bedspreads

The graphics in the old Sears catalog are wonderfully dated.  From a man measuring a woman’s foot to drawings of children that just seem… OFF…..

sears shoe fitting

funny sears pictures

Then comes early bullying in the 1960’s.  This picture just screams, “And then Billy, we are going to beat you silly!”

early 60's bullying

Car safety was a little different in the 60’s.  And the cars were much cooler.  These Allstate Seat Covers had style!

vintage car covers

I loved looking at women’s fashions in the 60’s Sears catalog.  Some were horrible, but some were absolutely stunning.

The hats left me scratching my head.

vintage hats sears

But the dresses made me long for the past.  This tri-colored vintage dress was cut beautifully.

vintage dress 60's

The matching Sears sailor outfits were interesting, to say the least.  vintage sailor matching outfits

The Sears Paris collection dresses were particularly stunning and graceful.  This vintage Sears Paris dress blew me away.

sears vintage paris dress

And finally, let’s talk monkeys.  You could order a “Mexican Burro” for your child and three different kinds of monkeys to top it off.  This is both fascinating and horrific to me.  Those poor animals.  I wonder how many people actually ordered a monkey from the Sears catalog!

order burrow sears

monkey sears


order monkey

Sadly, this catalog did not have toys in it.  But I still thoroughly enjoyed looking at this Sears time capsule. I wonder if I could send in the order form and actually get that amazing Paris dress?  One can only dream.

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