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Published on Thursday, May 12, 2016 by

I haven’t been able to post anything for a few weeks because of blog troubles.  Now that everything is ironed out, I am going to go ahead and put up my April Photo Challenge shots.  The theme was Vibrant.  I am so glad I am able to post again!

  1.  I laughingly call this “Self Portrait.”

self portrait

2.  This is a koi in the Japanese Garden at Maymont.

maymont coy

 3.  If you look closely you will see this turtle’s shell is indeed vibrant!

rainbow turtle

4.  This is one of the pictures I took of a wild hawk at Maymont in Richmond, VA.  He took a bath just feet away from us.

maymont hawk

5.  This was one of the dragons at LanternAsia in the Norfolk Botanical Garden.  I was stunned to see the dragons were actually small bottles of colored water.  They were breathtaking!

glass jar dragon

mom blog

  • So happy to see you posting again. Blog troubles are frustrating, to say the least.

    Great pictures. Those colorful bottles make for a really pretty and interesting photograph.

    • Those bottles were CRAZY COOL. The figures were huge colorful dragons. It isn’t until you get right on to them that you see they are made with bottles. They were STUNNING!

  • Vibrant is covered very nicely here.

    Have a fabulous weekend. ☺

  • Ron

    Katherine, so sorry to hear about your blog troubles but I’m so glad to read that everything is ironed out. Technical website stuff can be so frustration, can’t it? Glad to see ya back blogging 🙂

    All you photographs for this theme are FAB-U-LOUS! The first one of your reflection in the bubble is freaking brilliant!!!! BRAVO! How the heck did you ever capture that?

    And love, love, love the one of the different colored bottles; especially how you captured the lights in the background.

    Well done, my friend! Have a most excellent weekend!

    • Ron, with the self portrait I just had it on automatic. I was on the deck of mom’s beach house taking pictures of my daughter and her friend blowing giant bubbles. I noticed a bubble had stuck to the shell on the table. When I went to take a picture I saw myself and framed it the way I did. But it was just a point and shoot in a fortunate situation. 🙂 Oh wait. I mean it was ART! Yup… it took hours to set up the shot…. absolute art. 🙂 Yeaaaaa that’s it!

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