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Shoot Me NowJinkies! Those Are Cool Glasses, Velma!

Jinkies! Those Are Cool Glasses, Velma!
Published on Monday, March 1, 2010 by

My nine year old daughter had a physical a few weeks ago in preparation for her dental surgery.  Surprisingly, the pediatrician felt I should get her eyes checked, as one of them was registering at 20/40.

You know how Charlie Brown’s teacher sounds when she talks?  That is pretty much what my daughter heard, except for the following exception.  “Mwa mwaaa mwa mwaaaa GLASSES mwaa mwaa mwa.”

“I get to wear glasses!  Mom, can we go get them now!  Why do we have to wait!  What color will I wear?  Mom can we go see the eye doctor?  Did you make an appointment yet with the eye doctor?  I picked out  a pair of glasses at Price Club today when I was with Grandma!  I think I might have to wear them in gymnastics.  Mom I can’t wait to wear glasses!”

So Saturday was the day.  Eleven p.m. sharp.  The eye doctor.  We were there 30 minutes early.

The findings?  My daughter does NOT need glasses.  Joyous news.  Until I looked across the room at that little girl who apparently just received the blow of her lifetime.  Her bottom lip was quivering.  Her eyes were nearly brimming with tears.  But she held it in and stared straight ahead.

Fortunately, the Ophthalmologist knows little girls very well and saved me.  Big time.  “Oh, but there is a cute little store called Claire’s in the mall that carries fake glasses for kids who just want to look cool.”

So off we went.

My daughter has not taken the fake glasses off since.   And last night, I even found her in the kitchen, whipping up a bunch of Scooby Snacks.  OK, don’t tell her I said that.  Please.

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