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Published on Wednesday, November 10, 2010 by

Just have a minute to post, but can’t wait to tell you about our adventures!  I WILL tell you that we walked in to Wolfgang Puck’s restaurant, sat down, ordered water, looked at the menu and walked out.  They will never see us again, right?  The menu prices STARTED at $68.00 for the steak alone, no sides.  There were five of us.  Can you say, “Steak Sticker Shock?”

Today I get to see Matt Cutts from Google speak. I can’t wait.

The Aria Hotel is GORGEOUS.  Pinch me!

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  • Yikes, $68.00 with no sides. That must be some really good steak. I would have walked out too. Oh my.

    Have a terrific day. 🙂

    • And it wasn't even Kobe beef either!!!! I was stunned! The next step up from the $68 was about $125… and there was a $250 steak… I would expect it to be served on a solid gold plate!

  • jennericksonrookno17

    Katherine, have a wonderful time in Vegas! Such a fun place and so many great restaurants — sorry to hear that WP's place was such a dud. $68 is ridiculous. Maybe better luck at Thomas Keller's Bouchon!

  • Sounds so amazing! Have an awesome time!!

  • Have a great time. I'd love to see Vegas…but not $68 steaks. No steak is that good!

    • The funny thing is I have gastroparesis and can't even EAT steak! 95 percent of the menu WAS steak!!! We ended up going to an amazing restaurant in the same hotel. The gal next to me got kobe beef for 38 and I can't IMAGINE any steak better than the one she got… I took a teeny tiny sliver for a taste and WOW…. we were so glad we changed restaurants!

  • Not going to pinch – you'd wake up! Have a great time!


  • woot!! Im so glad you're having an awesome time!

  • yuani

    great place. I always dream to go there,hihi

  • Vegas is fun, but the prices are not. Still, I’m glad you’re enjoying it!

    • I was so blessed to have someone pay my way – even food and taxi rides etc… I don’t have that kind of money…. so it was such an incredible treat. I will never be able to thank her enough. And my neighbor who died more than a year ago – I loved her so much – she loved to do the slots in Vegas – so her son gave me $50 to play on the slot machines in memory of her. I even got to do a tiny bit of gambling on someone else’s money. How cool is that! He said if I won more than $5,000 we had to split it. I would have given him it ALL if I only won ten! 🙂

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