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Home Town Girl in a Vegas World
Published on Tuesday, February 26, 2013 by

Could it REALLY be day 26 of the 28 day blog writing extravaganza?!  Nicky and Mike challenge us with today’s topic, “Deal With It.”

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If she wasn’t even able to get the drink orders right, how in the world did they expect her to work a Black Jack table?  Taking off her apron, she grabbed her purse and began fumbling for a lipstick.

“There is no time for that!  We have a table filled with people and no dealer.  Every minute is another hundred dollars lost.  Put that down and let’s GO!”

Dragging her by the wrist, Tony pulled her out of the kitchen and through the bar area.  It took everything she had to stay upright with her five-inch heels and Fuck Me skirt.  Damn she hated looking this way.

“Hold ON Tony!  You are gonna make me fall and then I’ll be no good to anybody!”

“Come to Vegas,” her sister had said.  “I can get you a job in the hotel casino no problem,” she said.  So she came to Vegas, knowing full well she wasn’t really a Vegas type girl.

“It’s LAS VEGAS if you please,” her mother always chimed in.  Ugh.  What did it matter if it was Vegas or Las Vegas?  Either way, she knew she wasn’t cut from the same fabric of those who lived and worked there.

“Tony!  Slow DOWN!”

Tony didn’t slow down.  That is, until he weaved her through crowds of gamblers and fellow cocktail servers in order to reach their destination.  He pushed her forward, causing her to bump the edge of the blackjack table.

She looked up to see ten eyes staring back at her.  Well, technically, it was eight eyes… but Elvis would be asked to remove his glasses before the game began.

Over and over in her head she heard, “What am I doing here what am I doing here what am I doing here… I’m a receptionist, for heaven’s sake!”

And then she felt it.  A cold, hard stack of playing cards was shoved in her hand.  She looked down at the foreign object.  Then up at Elvis.  Then down at the cards.

With big, wide eyes, she turned her head towards Tony.

“Hellooooo blondie.  That is called a deck of cards.  DEAL WITH IT!”


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