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Shoot Me NowThank GOD for Pillsbury!

Thank GOD for Pillsbury!
Published on Sunday, December 12, 2010 by

Pillsbury is going to save my life.  Now I can get brakes on my car and put presents under the tree, thanks to Pillsbury and their amazing coupon deals.  Just look!  You can save THREE DOLLARS when you “Buy Pillsbury Refrigerated” items!

funny coupon

Oh wait, hold the phone.  There appears to be some more writing on this thing.  Let me put it at arm’s length and squint.  Focus…squint… hmmm….

bad coupons


mom blog

  • Yep some of these so called deals aren’t deals at all. Most of these end up in the recycle bin. Things are tough everywhere apparently. Even at the grocery stores.

    Have a terrific day. 🙂

  • At least you read the small print before getting to the cash!!!


  • lame! and what a tease!

  • Shoot, I wouldn’t have had my glasses with me and would have felt like a fool at the check out stand.

  • not so free afterall…lol

  • Bari_lee

    What is worse, by the time my coupon alerts arrive, the print limit has already been reached AND
    to add insult to injury the number of items are extremely limited, most of the ads now are for Sears, Vistaprint and other non-food items. Very frustrating.

    • I agree! I would love to take a course on “couponing” just to see how people do it. We have a woman at our school who feeds her family of five for $25 a week. How do they DO that!

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