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I Am Not One To Get Starstruck…
Published on Tuesday, August 14, 2012 by

…unless, apparently, you are a former drug addict who says the F word in every other breath.  Cause that’s just how I roll.

Yup, you got it.  Tony Bourdain.  Bad boy rock star of the food world.

I could care less about any “celebrity” found on the covers of grocery store tabloids.  But when I found out Anthony Bourdain was coming to town last year, I politely asked my mother if we could go.  (I BEGGED!)  We went and he rocked.


Many months later, I received a photo via text message from one of my co-workers who was in Vegas for a UFC fight.  HOLY CRAP.  It was Tony Bourdain.  THE Tony Bourdain.  The picture was extremely dark, yet I stood there stunned.  How in the WORLD did MY co-worker end up standing in front of Tony Bourdain?!

bourdain autograph

I am sure I texted some kind of garbled message back:

“OMG,that is,Tony Bourdain! How,in,the world dit youmeet Tony Bourdain!??”

(I suck at text messaging.  Notice the commas replacing spaces.  And the running-together words.  Yup, I am a texting GENIUS.  *taking a bow*)

I think there was a little texting banter after that, just before the moment it actually hit me.  Tony Bourdain was holding a sign THAT-HAD-MY-NAME-ON-IT.  IT HAD MY NAME ON IT!  (Yes, I’m a little slow.)  Moreover, my co-worker sent another picture that included Ottavia.  Ladies and gentlemen, Ottavia KICKS ASS.

Shortly afterwards came the pièce de résistance:

bourdain vegas

My co-worker wrote, “Hi Katherine,” Tony signed it and then (probably groaning) posed with the sign.  The sign is now in my cubie.  Yup.  I got me some pretty AMAZZZZING co-workers.


Thanks Tony, for putting up with all that monkey business.   And thank YOU, anonymous co-worker!

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