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I Am Not One To Get Starstruck…
Published on Tuesday, August 14, 2012 by

…unless, apparently, you are a former drug addict who says the F word in every other breath.  Cause that’s just how I roll.

Yup, you got it.  Tony Bourdain.  Bad boy rock star of the food world.

I could care less about any “celebrity” found on the covers of grocery store tabloids.  But when I found out Anthony Bourdain was coming to town last year, I politely asked my mother if we could go.  (I BEGGED!)  We went and he rocked.


Many months later, I received a photo via text message from one of my co-workers who was in Vegas for a UFC fight.  HOLY CRAP.  It was Tony Bourdain.  THE Tony Bourdain.  The picture was extremely dark, yet I stood there stunned.  How in the WORLD did MY co-worker end up standing in front of Tony Bourdain?!

bourdain autograph

I am sure I texted some kind of garbled message back:

“OMG,that is,Tony Bourdain! How,in,the world dit youmeet Tony Bourdain!??”

(I suck at text messaging.  Notice the commas replacing spaces.  And the running-together words.  Yup, I am a texting GENIUS.  *taking a bow*)

I think there was a little texting banter after that, just before the moment it actually hit me.  Tony Bourdain was holding a sign THAT-HAD-MY-NAME-ON-IT.  IT HAD MY NAME ON IT!  (Yes, I’m a little slow.)  Moreover, my co-worker sent another picture that included Ottavia.  Ladies and gentlemen, Ottavia KICKS ASS.

Shortly afterwards came the pièce de résistance:

bourdain vegas

My co-worker wrote, “Hi Katherine,” Tony signed it and then (probably groaning) posed with the sign.  The sign is now in my cubie.  Yup.  I got me some pretty AMAZZZZING co-workers.


Thanks Tony, for putting up with all that monkey business.   And thank YOU, anonymous co-worker!

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  • Ron

    “The sign is now in my cubie.  Yup.  I got me some pretty AMAZZZZING co-workers.”

    OMG…that’s faaaaaaaaaabulous, Katherine!!!!! What a great co-worker! 
    Wouldn’t it be great if one day Tony decides to Google his own name and finds this post???? I bet he’ll call you and say, “Hey Katherine…let’s go out for drinks!”

    I have to say, I AM very star struck. Not with everyone, but if I meet someone who I really admire I become so tongue-tied and paralyzed. I remember meeting Susan Sarandon (who I ADORE), and not being able to speak. I acted like a total IDIOT 🙁


    • I love Susan Sarandon. I would be star struck meeting Bernadette Peters… if I were to turn gay, SHE would be the one!

      • Ron

        I agree…Bernadette Peters is BEYOND faaaaaabulous!

        LOVE HER!

  • Way to go to Katherine’s co-worker!  You have a very cool treasure!  It is always great to meet a favorite celebrity or anyone you have admired from afar. 

    • I felt bad – we had sushi a few nights ago and I began to dip it in to soy and wasabi… an Anthony Bourdain NO NO…. I am NOT worthy. LOL!

  • Mel

    LOL  If it makes you happy, which apparently it does, this is an awesome thing.

    Ummmmm….I have no idea who the fella is–so I’ll google and amuse myself.  LOL

    • He wrote a book about what REALLY happens in restaurants, when you should order fish and when not to, etc. Made a big ripple in the restaurant business… then he went on to television. You might have heard of the show “No Reservations.” It was GREAT!

  • I would love to meet Tony Bourdain. I would probably act like an idiot if I met him, so it’s probably best if I don’t but WOW what an exciting and fantastic moment for you. That is so cool!

    • My co-worker said he and his wife were great… nice when you admire someone and they turn out to be decent people!

  • How awesome is THAT! Your friend totally rocks. Well done, Katherine. 🙂

    • I still can’t believe he found himself sitting at Tony Bourdain’s table. He is “just a hardware tech in Virginia.” LOLOL!

  • Anne

    How very cool. I am the same way. I don’t care about most celebrities at all but celebrity chefs turn me into a blubbering fool

    • Anne, how cool would it be to meet some of these folks… and to eat one of their MEALS!!!

  • I’m like you, there aren’t many famous people I freak out over. The ones I’ve met turned out to be disappointments and I’d rather live in my fantasy world. That being said, I’d like to meet Super Nanny. I’ve no idea why because I don’t have kids or anything but she seems like a nice and genuine person.

  • That is just so freakin’ cool. I hope you took that co-worker out for a beer. Seriously, what a nice thing for him to do. Can I borrow him to stalk George Clooney for me?

  • MikeWJ

    I share your love for Bourdain, partly because I think he’s a brilliant, if wickedly acerbic, humor writer. He’s not a chef who happens to write, he’s a writer who happens to do shows about food. I’m glad to know you like him, too.

    • MikeWJ

      P.S. — I subscribed to your blog, but are you on Facebook?

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