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The Dreaded Social Media
Published on Tuesday, February 25, 2014 by

Although I have a Twitter account, I don’t consider it very important.  I created it when I had multiple websites and used it as a marketing tool.  Today, when I look through all those I follow I see nothing but advertisements.

Is it me, or did there used to be more “real person” tweets than advertising tweets?  When I scroll down the main page I see ad upon ad upon ad.  Is Twitter even valuable anymore?  Or is it just advertisers tweeting to advertisers at this point?

Then, of course, there is Facebook.  Sure, not all people find good in it.  “I don’t feel like seeing what someone had for lunch.”  But I actually like it.  I like the fact that I am in contact with my California best friend that I haven’t seen since second grade.  I like seeing pictures of my (moved) neighbor’s pets enjoying the snow.  And I like seeing pictures of my cousins and their children.

There are things I get to hear and see with Facebook that I would have missed without it.  So I’ll give a thumbs up to Facebook, despite the fact that it is the dreaded, “Social Media.”

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