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Twitter Is The New Haiku
Published on Wednesday, May 26, 2010 by

Call me a nerd, but I loved the Haiku lessons in English class. That standard Five, Seven, Five forced you to be concise with a limited number of characters. Little did the ancient Japanese know that they were the forefathers of Twitter.

Does this make Twitter a creative writing tool as well? Will it one day make the English books of our high school children?

English Test

1. Create a tweet about the deep struggles Romeo and Juliette faced regarding love vs. family bonds.
2. Tweet about what Romeo compares Juliet to when he first meets her.

Today I will stick to Haiku. And then I will tweet about it. And then you can retweet to help me out. Yea, that’s the ticket!

I will tweet my post.
And then you can retweet it.
I’ll reciprocate.

Does “I’ll” really stand for one syllable? I think I might have cheated.

For a warm up I wrote some Haiku about two Tribal Blog members. Make sure you check them out!

Jen speaks her own mind.
Don’t give her a blog award.
They make her angry.

Read Man Over Board.
No need for raft, he can swim.
I bow to his cool!

Here is where you come in. This is my latest edition of “Your Story.” I would love to see some Haiku written by you ABOUT you. I’ve used “Americanized” Haiku that has only three lines. The first line can only be five syllables, the second is seven syllables and the last is back to five.

Let me start it off!

I have my own blog.
No one clicks on google ads.
Ad blindness sure blows.

No spring chicken now.
Old lady hands are all mine.
Get me some lotion!

Take me to the beach.
The ocean will soothe my soul.
I am happy there.

Lush is my downfall.
But it takes money to buy.
See my first Haiku!

(OK, that was WAY against TOS. Remember, this is art only!)

I have teenagers.
They can get very smelly.
Deodorize them!

(Art, indeed.)

Please, won’t you share your life in Haiku with me?

mom blog

  • I clicked on your ads
    You can buy my bath stuff now
    Cheaper than Lush is

    I’m kidding. Sortve. Cuz I do make bath stuff. And if there’s a scent you really like, I will make custom scents. *smile

    I love Haiku!

    • @MsDarkstar, Actually you are SO BOOKMARKED for my next splurge. I already picked something out that I saw – waiting for next payday! So I’m one step ahead of you!

      I will buy your stuff.
      Lush will have to wait for me.
      Your homemade will rock!

  • I love this idea
    But alas, my poetry bites
    Always got a C

    I have a toddler
    He is very smelly NOW
    What do we feed him?

    • @Nicky, love it! What IS it about children STINKING! Did WE stink when we were young? I am pretty sure I never smelled like my teens do… but I’m not a guy. 🙂 Thanks for sharing and playing!! 🙂 And it does NOT bite!

  • I sure like shopping
    Internet makes it easy
    Running out of funds

    I can’t stop myself
    When I see a good bargain
    what if I really need that?

  • You are right about Jen and not giving her any awards. She’s one of my reads too. Funny, funny lady.

    Have a terrific day and weekend ahead. 🙂

  • To tweet is scary

    For me though I was once a

    Technical writer

    (So I don’t tweet, but I sure love your blog)

  • I retweeted but I must refrain from any creative thought for the sake of you and your readers. But I love love your blog and read it daily. 🙂

  • Oh forgot to tell you I am a terrible swimmer also 🙂

    You’re to cool for high school, does that count for any rhyming points?

  • I loved your twitter Haikus about Jen & Man Over Board, but sadly I cannot rhyme or write a poem to save my life!

  • NICE POETRY its really amazing. the concept of this poem is great. may you have a nice day.

  • Love your haikus! This isn’t really about my life, but close enough for the moment:

    Haikus are awesome
    I can write them all day long
    Now I’m late for work

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