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How NOT to Tweet
Published on Friday, March 12, 2010 by

My favorite blog pal Jen gave us excellent advice on how NOT to leave a comment. If only I had absorbed her great words of wisdom. For today, I went one step further. I tweeted about my breasts. By accident.

You may remember my earlier post about a great urge I had to blog about a handsome young black man doctor and a particular part of my anatomy. Now, the anatomy has been named. And all of Twitterverse knows it.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I have had some issues with my breasts. And had to go to a doctor. And was felt up by a young physician. Who turned out to be a young idiot.

A wonderful fellow gastroparesis sufferer was concerned and asked if I knew the results of my mammogram. Through Twitter. Being the amazing A+ Certified Hardware and Software technician that I am, I answered her quite clearly. In a private message. From my stupid Blackberry. So I thought.

For after I posted my “private” comment that YES, my mammogram letter came and I am going to be alright, I realized that gee, maybe it wasn’t a private message? Frantically scrolling down, my heart leaped out of my chest when I realized that I had just announced to everyone on Twitter that my boobies were going to be OK.

My mind raced. I wasn’t near a computer and couldn’t figure out how to delete my tweet through the phone. So what do I do? I thought up the best “fix” I could think of and posted a quickly typed breast cancer awareness post. It just came out! The message is very serious and very true. But the quick, childlike attempt at a fix? I might as well have typed, “My daughter took my phone and even though she is only in second grade she posted that I had a positive mammogram result – how funny is that!” SHEESH!

So Jen, I’m raising the bar here. You commented with an incorrect spelling. I tweeted about my breasts. Can you take it a step further so as to save me from my own stupidity?

Please people… PLEASE.  Share an embarrassing story with me.  A major fail.  On YOUR part.  So everyone will forget about my breasts.

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  • Jen

    I almost think I might be able to help you out. If you look at the comments on Jayne’s blog you will see that Mike and I are having a good time co-opting Jayne’s blog. Again, I blame Disqus for my error. It’s all fun and games until I mention the thing I can do that most other woman are not willing to do.

  • I once thought I was sending a private message to my significant other and decided to be a little ‘risque’ in an e-mail… nothing wrong with that.

    Until I realized that the e-mail of his I responded to just happened to be a generic one that he had sent to many people… and when it replied that also went to all those people!!!

    No one ever responded… but if they had I would not have known since I was hiding under my bed for the next week!

  • ScoMan

    When it comes to Twitter, no subject is off limits I think. It’s all in fun.

  • I send my husband really dirty emails and pictures all the time. For some reason, about 6 mos ago, every time I’d send him something he wouldn’t get it. I finally realized that when I typed the S in the “to” line on a new email and all the previous address I sent to popped up I was clicking on instead of my husbands email (it was right under the other address) Then I had to send them an email trying to explain that one – I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

  • Jen

    Penny and Sheila win! OMG how embarrassing!

  • Gosh I am living right. The only thing I have done is called a girl cat a he. LOL. So I must be living a protected life. But it all sounds like just something that I would do. At least you are laughing about it and writing it again. I think the emails to Entrecard is the most embarrassing thing I have heard about. You girls behave for a day or two.

  • hi. once i peed on the floor in the vet-narians office cuz he had this really big needle and then he was reaching for me, ahhhhh! but i didnt tell everyone about it. hope your breasts are ok.

  • I’ll back again for sure, thanks for great article 😀

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