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Twitter Candy Heart Rejects
Published on Tuesday, February 14, 2012 by

On Valentine’s Day I found myself in a position of waiting.  No, not waiting for a Valentine’s Day gift to arrive, because I never get anything for Valentine’s Day because nobody loves me or wants me because I’m obviously a loser and I’m old and ugly.

The real reason I was waiting on Valentine’s Day was simply that I was in a long line.  So I brought up Twitter.

Much to my delight, I found a hashtag string that absolutely cracked me up.


My favorite was simply:  “#candyheartrejects I have a blog.”  I honestly can’t think of a better one!

Going through these candy heart reject tweets brought me quite a lot of entertainment for the twenty minutes I had to kill.  A few examples?

twitter candy heart

And some more?

candy heart rejects

Now, I can’t be inappropriate online.  Too many eyes, right?  But I still found a way to amuse myself as I continued my wait.  First I started with these:

candyheart tweets

And then came up with these:

snipit twitter

And then it hit me.  Is it too early?  How many people will scream at me?  Do I dare?  Am I that bad?  I’m really not, but I did it anyway.

whitney houston jokes

It doesn’t take a lot to amuse me.  Honestly.

After waiting a bit, I looked to see how many angry tweets I got back.  There were none.  NONE!  Really?!

Hours later, I checked again.  Nada.  That annoyed me.  So I could not resist:

whitney jokes

I guess it is NOT too early.  Whitney Houston joke on a Twitter candy heart reject?  Accepted by the masses.

SO.  You are all so much more clever than I.  Throw me some of your candy heart rejects!

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