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Turning Grandma into a Diamond Ring
Published on Thursday, April 9, 2009 by

human carbon to diamondsA bit of a morbid post, but we had quite the conversation about this in the office. 

During lunch I heard an NPR show about funeral homes, funerals and rituals.  One of the hosts mentioned a company that will make a genuine diamond out of your loved one’s ashes.  Am I the only one who finds this strange?  

Let’s see, I’m wearing my purple suit today.  “Hmmm what would go with this?  I know, I’ll put on Aunt Helen!”  Or picture siblings fighting over their deceased mother’s jewels….  “YOU have the regular diamond. I want to wear GRANDMA!” 

Perhaps this goes back to the old saying, “If you have lemons, make lemonade.”  So let’s put it to the test.  “If you have your dead husband’s ashes, make a diamond ring!”  Nope.  I just don’t think it fits. 

Here is the real kicker.  I searched the internet for these diamonds and found them.  Some are a bit creepy looking, but some are quite beautiful.  I began scanning the page for prices.  Drum roll please? 





Qty 2
or more

Option I

.20 – .29




Option II

.30 – .39




Option III

.40 – .49




Option IV

.50 – .59




Option V

.60 – .69




Option VI

.70 – .79




Option VII

.80 – .89




Option VIII

.90 – .99





So, for an easy $19,999 (why don’t they just say $20,000!), you can turn your loved one into a diamond.  Of course, with the cost of a funeral and casket, this may be worth the money?  To me, the creepiness would far outweigh the benefit of a brand new spankin’ diamond. 

Your thoughts?

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