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Andrew Rannells on Trump
Published on Sunday, August 21, 2016 by

Gun shows…. Trump…. Apparently they go together. My son discovered that when he tagged along with some friends to a gun show in Hampton Roads. Not owning any guns of his own, he wandered the hall until he came upon a group of Trump supporters. And Michael being Michael, he had to have a little fun.

After a little charming came, “Can I have a sign for my yard?” They asked several times, “But will you put it in your yard? Only if you put it in your yard.” I can picture my boy now. With a wink and a smile he charmed them with his promise, “Of COURSE I will put it in my yard!”

I am going to stop here and make it very clear that I do not have a single political bone in my body. Sure, I vote. But I would never in a million years put a political sign in my yard. My boys are from the same mold.

Later that day I was innocently driving home when I literally had to stop my car on the street because I was laughing so hard. Because smack dab in the middle of my yard was a Donald Trump sign. I remained in my truck laughing until I had tears in my eyes. I KNEW who had to be behind it.

I took a picture of the sign and posted it on who knows what. Twitter? Instagram.? But along with the picture was the story so there would be no mistaking the fact that I am not openly for ANY party.

We left the sign up for a week just to make the neighbors wonder. I even got a text from my neighbor stating, “So. About that sign in your yard.” I messaged back the whole story and she wrote, “Oh thank goodness. Because I was thinking I liked you until this week.”

Again, I never say who I am for or against.  I can just appreciate my son, who would love to be on the screen himself!

Fast forward to about six months later. A few weeks ago my son called me and said, “Hey Mom, do you actually know Andrew Rannells.?” “Who?” “Andrew Rannnells. He is an actor.”  “No honey, I have no idea who that is.” “Mom, I am going to send you a screen shot.”

trump sign

My jaw hit the FLOOR. I was mad. Then stunned, then laughed so hard I was once again crying. This guy Andrew somehow got the picture of the Trump sign on my lawn and turned it in to my family being Nazis. And there are over 15,000 likes and 739 comments for the picture I took with my little old cell phone.

You just can’t make this stuff up. But you sure can laugh about it!

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