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Tropical Storm Hermine in Corolla NC Outer Banks
Published on Tuesday, September 13, 2016 by

sand from hermine

My mother and I have already decided. We will NOT be staying at the beach house during a storm if winds are predicted to be over 70 mph.  Yes, things might be dangerous in that situation, but worse than that?  You can’t get a bit of sleep with those winds!

You have seen The Exorcist, correct?  This is EXACTLY what the beach house beds do during high wind storms in the Outer Banks.

When we finally gave up and left the bucking bronco beds we faced an entire day of storm and winds.  But before things got to their worst, guess what I did?  I WENT IN TO THE STORM TO SEE THE OCEAN!

Picture me climbing the stairs with wind and burning sand blasting me at each step.  When I finally reached the top I had to sit and wrap my arms around the railings in order to keep myself from flying back down.  I literally was not able to stand and take a video.

The result was worth it.  Although I DO wish I had a video of me TAKING the video because that would have been much more entertaining!

As gusts reached up to almost 70 mph, we paced the house like the sleepless zombies we were.  The house was rocking, rolling and shaking on its stilts.  So much so that the kitchen lights were swinging and water shook in the glass as you tried to drink.  I took this video of the moving water while the house itself was making me move.

Beach houses are designed to move like that, but when you are inside one it can be unnerving!

We had two leaks, but other than that our house made it through in one piece.  One cannot say that about a tiny little house in the section next to us.  Maybe it should have been on stilts!

herine porta potty damage

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