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The Case of the Traveling Panties
Published on Saturday, October 23, 2010 by

traveling panties

My unmentionables have legs, I swear.  I first noticed this years ago, when my boys attended a home daycare.  The sitter called and asked where my oldest child’s medicine was.

I waited as she dug through the diaper bag.  I heard a quiet pause and then, “Ummm, why is there black underwear in the diaper bag?”  Huh?  And then, “PLEASE tell me they are clean!”

Some might say my undies got stuck on some baby clothes in the dryer.  But I know the truth.  Those suckers marched out of my drawer and straight in to the diaper bag.  The great escape, panty style.

The next incident occurred years later.  I was in the kitchen taking my son’s PE clothes out of his backpack for the wash.  As I pulled out the jumble of sweats and socks yet another pair of (you guessed it) black panties toppled from his backpack to the floor.

“David!  What is my black underwear doing in your backpack!”  The reply?  “MOM!  WHAT IS YOUR BLACK UNDERWEAR DOING IN MY SWEAT PANTS?!”

Oh my POOR BOY.  He had gone to school only to have my undies drop out of the bottom of his sweat pants.  In the middle of class.

Today they were on the move again.  Only this time they were Ocean Pacific turquoise and black boy shorts.  While driving to work I found them sticking out of my pants pocket.  I’m not sure what they planned to do once I got to work, but I assume it would not have been good.

Does your clothing travel?

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  • You know, I saw the title and thought “Hmmm… interesting.” and it is just as interesting as I thought. My underwear doesn't travel but heaven help me if I put something away “to be safe” because it is just lost. I think there is a small Bermuda style triangle in my house, or it extends all the way to my province (which would explain many, many lots texts or a small multi-dimensional hole in my house somewhere.

    But don't as me where it is – I put it somewhere to keep it safe…

    • WOW I thought I was the ONLY one who put things in “a safe place!” I can never EVER find anything that I put in a safe place…. maybe our stuff is together, safely put away!!

  • My underwear is lazy — thank the Lord. It doesn't hang out anywhere besides the drawer and the laundry basket. Maybe it has low self esteem and doesn't want to be seen by anyone.

    • lol@ having low self esteem. you are a riot Cardio girl.

  • My unmentionables have ended up very questionable places too. If they are clean and cute, that's fine. But horror of horrors, they usually are neither.

    • Oh BOY do I have some that would cause car crashes!!!! High five!

  • Ok, so you me and Linda have all written about underwear within the last week or so. Must be the full moon.

    GET IT?! Full Moon? Moon?

    • Ha ha ! I didn't tie that one together… it is a full moon for REAL … so why not in writing too!!

  • My panties dont travel. But they've developed some peekaboo-ish habits, and I have to keep tugging and whispering 'down girl down'.

    • Ha ha! When we were young we said we had Indian Underwear because “they kept creeping up on us.” That is SO not politically correct in today's world… funny how your comment made me remember that!

  • Mostly when my clothing travels, it is never seen again. There are the occasional socks or other item stuck in the leg of my jeans from the night before. Usually I notice it, retrieve it, and put it in the hamper before it embarrasses me.

    • My oldest folds the laundry so I always miss the stray things. He recently cleaned his room and I found about ten of my socks in there…. so who KNOWS where everything else is! 🙂

  • Ha ha ha ha, that poor boy, but a great come back. Hope you know you probably inadvertently scared him for life now, especially with all the ridicule his male classmates bestowed on him.

    Mostly my wash tends to give presents of dryer sheets or an occasional very clean dollar bill (never a $50).

    Being single now, I do all the wash, so no panties are ever intermingled in. But before being a bachelor again, I am wondering how many dollar bills have been scarfed, let alone maybe there was a $50 ;-).

    BTW what a great post title, who would dare pass this post?

    • You want me to put a $50 in your unmentionables for you? 😉

  • your poor son! HA! Your underwear really does like to escape!

    • Bizz

      I did the same thing to my poor son in 7th grade.  Fortunately we moved 2 months later so the emotional scarring was minimal.  We’ve just come to expect dryer sheets in unexpected places now though.  lol

  • Yikes! Solution – leave the 'unmentionables' to travel, who needs them. And when they return, GRIN;-D 'coz only you know where they've really been, oh! the stories to tell. Here's to travelling knickers. Keeps life interesting, don't you think?!

    • I LOVE it!!! You made me laugh out loud at “only you know where they've been.” HEE HEE!

  • pete

    my panties travel with me 24/7…..I wear them

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