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Trading The Internet For Polymer Bonding
Published on Thursday, July 28, 2011 by

I have just come back from a five-day family vacation at the beach house.  My Mom, brother, his two girls and my three kids under one roof.  I think we did well… only one small fight, one person with a day of the stomach flu and the rest smooth sailing.

Not only was there no internet, but my Verizon signal often left me with no data whatsoever.  In other words, I was completely and unexpectedly unplugged!

We slept in, hit the beach twice a day, ate my brother’s amazing food and of course enjoyed an adult beverage or two each night.  Our after dinner activity?  An afterthought of mine that turned out to be a nightly event – polymer clay.

I don’t have a creative bone in my body.   No, let me rephrase that.  I have many ideas in my mind, but no artistic ability to carry them out.   Fortunately, polymer clay is forgiving and fun even if your creations look nothing like what you had in mind.

After dinner each night, I set up our tools and the girls and I began.  We talked, we molded, we cut, we talked.  There was nothing electronic about it and I loved every single moment.

Would you believe “Miss Uncreativity” (that would be ME) actually made something FUNCTIONAL?!

*WARNING!*  If you make polymer clay beads, do not continue reading.  Because these babies are…well… oh so totally novice.  I like to think of them as rustic.  Yea, that’s the word… RUSTIC! <cough cough>

My first beads began with this:
polymer flower cane
And then turned in to this:
polymer cane
From which I made this:
bead bracelet
My second batch of beads are my favorite:
glitter polymer
polymer flower cane
The one thing I missed these last two weeks?  Your BLOGS!  I will be by this weekend, with my deepest apologies for being so behind.  Following my visits will be a completely emotional meltdown post about Saturday’s big event.  Who will I be sending on a plane and where?

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