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Published on Sunday, December 21, 2014 by

tj maxx frames

Imagine the back wall of TJ Maxx. It has at least five rows of shelves holding more picture frames than the eye can see. I had to choose a frame for my daughter’s friend, without my daughter to supervise. I pulled three frames at a time and sent pictures of them to my daughter. The rejects were then placed carefully back on the shelves.

And I really was careful. Reaching back behind a few frames, I placed a frame that only slightly knocked another down. That caused another to fall down. No big deal.

When I thought the small commotion had stopped, a final vibration somehow caused a large frame on the shelf ABOVE… which I NEVER TOUCHED… to fall. Loudly. Which caused another to fall. LOUDLY. And another, and another, dominoing their way to the final two which both took flying leaps off the shelf and on to the floor.

Smash! SMASH!!!

It all happened in about ten seconds. But in TJ Maxx time it lasted twenty. The crash after crash after smash was so loud that the entire store stopped momentarily. This caused an employee to come RUNNING from the front calling, “Are you OK? ARE YOU OK?!”

Two women in a nearby aisle turned simultaneously to stare at me, scowl, raise their noses and return to their shopping positions once their point was made.

But that’s OK. I found a frame, and probably had more fun shopping than they did. And no one came running to THEM to see if they were OK. Right?

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