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Published on Tuesday, April 17, 2012 by

Continuing with Ziva, Mike WJ, Nicky and Mike, Mo, Nonamedufus, Bryan, Mariann, Malisa, Nora, LaughingMom, Tanya, Elizabeth A., 00dozo, Cheryl, Kristen, Pam, Meleah on day 17 of the photo challenge, I submit to you the latest subject, “Time.”

tough solar watch

One of my co-workers is on vacation. While I am working myself to the bone, he is enjoying plenty of time off.

In honor of his well-deserved break from work, I have decided to hide his watch.  He will probably go all Ninja on me when he gets back.

But that’s OK.  I have plenty of time to figure out where I will run for cover.

mom blog

  • Mel

    Hahahaha……I was gone a month–they stole my chair.
    Yup, relocated….and yup, back in it’s place!

    Mind you, it took me near a week of being back to even go to the office to realize it was gone.
    I wonder how long it’ll take your fella to discover the missing.

  • One time I returned to work from vacation and my employees had painted my office…an aqua  blue/green. It was like working in an aquarium. Great idea to go on holidays without your watch. 

  • He left his watch? Maybe he didn’t want it. Maybe he’s getting a new one while he’s on vacation and won’t care when he returns that you’ve taken it. 🙂

  • Mwahahahaha! This is great! If he’s a runner, he’s gonna kill you.

  • And it’s military time too.  My very favorite.

    Have a terrific day.  🙂

  • Yeah, Buddy!  Nice photo of a nice watch telling us what time it really is!

  • Ahahaahah! You hid his watch? That’s hilarious! xoxoox

  • Hah, this is so great!

  • He should have his watch hidden! What a way to remind everyone that he is on vacation and doesn’t need a watch. You should change the time and alarms on it too!

  • I just can’t figure out why he left his watch. Nor what a watch-leaver would say when his precious item was gone.

  • He’s obviously strange.  Who can read 15? 

  • Anonymous

    I love practical jokes. Way to go! I don’t know how he will take the joke. After all, he is a military time kind of guy. Oh, well.

  • I think you should schedule your vacation for the day he returns, this way you’ll have a great place to hide!  Fun entry!


  • I love it! And… I’m totally in agreement – take his day back off. Seriously. 

  • dogearedcopy

    You should turn it back to standard reading (e.g. 3:00 p.m.) If he;’s used to military time, this *will* mess him up! Especially if he’ll be suffering from jet lag! Ooh! jump it ahead an hour while your at it. Claim it’s the Spring Ahead time change (even though it’s already past!) 😀

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