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Those Dark Curls
Published on Saturday, February 16, 2013 by
Nicky and Mike from We Work for Cheese challenge us with today’s topic, “Music.”

birth story

She had been in labor since yesterday.  It had been two days since she slept, and she could not remember her last meal.  Another wave of pain seared through her body.  With clenched teeth she whimpered, “Oh God.  No!  I can’t do this anymore.  Make it stop!  I … can’t….. “

From a distance, which could have been another world for all she knew, she heard her husband’s voice.  “You are almost there.  Just hang on.  Be strong honey.  I promise you, you are almost there.”

She felt a hand tighten around hers.  Had he been holding her hand this whole time?  As the wave of pain slowly diminished, her raw insides relaxed momentarily.  She took this chance to take a slow, yet shaky deep breath.

Through her tired, half opened eyes, she glanced at Jacob.  Familiar dark curls were wet on his forehead, reminding her that he had indeed been with her from the start.  And then it began again and she lost him, just as she lost everything currently surrounding her.

Her body was raw from the pain.  She was weak.  But she somehow kept on, feeling his hand enveloping her own.  Another wave.  And another.  Then a sense of panic like she had never known before.  Ears ringing, body surely splitting in two…

…and then she heard a small, beautiful cry.

It was music to her ears.

Looking down at the tiny wet bundle they placed on her chest, she noticed a head of dark, lovely curls.  And all her pain was forgotten.

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  • Now that was a very different take on today’s prompt. The music of life! I loved it.

  • Mel

    Awwwwwwww…. 🙂

  • Awesome idea for today and so wonderfully written! Glad that I’m done with makin babies because that description made me cringe!

  • What a genius way to use the prompt today. Loved it!!!! Makes me want to hug my husband…and yes, that first cry is the prettiest music ever heard.

  • Lovely [painful] story and a really creative use of the prompt. That description made me cringe, too, and I never had kids.

  • And this post is music to my eyes!

  • Aww, what a wonderful, sweet and original take on the theme. Lovely work, Katherine. 🙂

  • Whoa. Again, I’m surprised as I visit here…by how beautiful that is. I expect beautiful humor, but not this. Nicely done.

  • Katherine, I am amazed. Outstanding!

  • Phew! No one died!

    Great stuff.

  • Beautiful x

  • A really great piece of writing. Nicely done.

  • KZ

    Beautiful writing, Katherine. I think this is one of the first posts your daughter should read when she finally discovers your blog.

  • Ron

    “It was music to her ears.

    Looking down at the tiny wet bundle they placed on her chest, she noticed a head of dark, lovely curls. And all her pain was forgotten.”

    Okay, being a newborn baby lover, this post really touched my heart.

    Brilliantly written, my friend!


  • This one brings back memories, Katherine!

  • I just cried my face off.

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