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This Is What A Dislocated Ankle Looks Like
Published on Sunday, August 29, 2010 by

Remember a week ago when I called 911 for my son’s ankle?  After seven days the swelling is finally starting to come down and he can walk on it without crutches, although gingerly at best.

What I’m impressed with the most other than his giant Hobbit-looking foot is the super cool bruise that began to develop just a few days ago.

We have watched it spread from his toes to his ankle, marveling at the absolute straightness of the whole thing.  You can actually see where his foot turned completely sideways!

swollen ankle

dislocated ankle picture

I’m happy to say he is going to live, but I think becoming a member of the Riverdance crew is out of the question.  Unless they like Hobbits.

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  • Yikes. That looks painful. I hope he recovers soon.

    Have a terrific day. 🙂

  • Cherie

    Oh my goodness.. It is still swollen like that? Ouch.. I hate to say this, but you might think about another opinion, somehow? There are so many tiny bones, that I know on many occasion, things have been missed and people ended up walking around with broken bones in there.. Although, I am not sure they can do anything about it anyways??? Been a long time no see. You truly have a knack for writing. I always enjoy it.

    • CHERIE CHERIE CHERIE CHERIE!! I just asked for you to be my friend on Facebook!! HOW ARE YOU!!!!!!

      I was going to take David to our sports med doc if he didn't get better, but just about on the seventh day he seemed significantly better. I think he is good to go – it will just take time 🙂 No more crutches woo hoo!

  • Oh damn! Poor kid! You might want to see about getting him another x ray. Stress fractures don't always show up till the healing starts. Is he in a walking cast?

    • Actually he is out of splint now woo hoo! He is sore still, but I understand that will last a good while. They said even if it was fractured they would do the same thing. If he was still bad after seven days I was to take him to a specialist – but just about on the seventh day he looked better. 🙂

      • I broke my foot in 4 places last year coming down stairs and twisting wrong on my foot. I was in a walking cast for about 12 weeks. The problem with sprains is they can take a hell of a long time to heal completely. But at his age, it'll be fine!

  • OWWWW!! Poor guy.

    • Although his foot still hurts, it is SO much better now, thank heavens!

  • Yikes!

  • Grandpa, what big foot you have…
    All the better to stomp with, dear.
    Happy to hear Andrew’s ankle is healing well. He is gonna be out of commission for a long while though. Is he going to wear casts?

    • No cast and his foot is SO MUCH BETTER! He did twist it a bit on the sand this weekend – had him down… but he was able to get back up and walk. Phew!

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