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This Is A Stress Free Zone!
Published on Tuesday, January 17, 2017 by

Today’s writing challenge topic  is “Stress.”  We ALL could write SEVERAL books on THAT subject!

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I will never forget being in a hospital room with my son for a month.  You know… the whole cardiac arrest thing a year ago.  Many hours were spent gazing out the window.  No fresh air, no sun… just a hospital room 24/7.

People were scurrying around during working hours looking stressed and tired.  It was also Christmastime and I certainly knew what people were feeling stress-wise.

But you know what?  Waiting to see if your son is going to have open heart surgery puts a lot of things in to perspective.  I said SEVERAL times, “You know what David, those people are stressed out over the smallest and most insignificant things.  Right now I would do ANYTHING to be one of those stressed out people at work.  Because I would know there is NO NEED to stress.  None of that stuff is important.  Your FAMILY is what is important.”

Fast forward a year.  You guessed it.  I have found myself so stressed at work that I actually have had heart palpitations.  But I caught myself.  And STOPPED.

I took a few deep breaths.  I thought about the hospital.  I thought about my kids.  About my OWN health and well being.  And I began to feel better.

Work is indeed horrible for me and my co-workers right now.  Like HORRIBLE.  But I am determined to rise above it.  Because none of that matters.  NONE OF IT.

Today I have a job for all of you.  If you feel any stress WHATSOEVER, stop, breathe and think of something that makes you happy.  And then smile.  Trust me!


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  • Ron

    ” But I caught myself. And STOPPED. I took a few deep breaths. I thought about the hospital. I thought about my kids. About my OWN health and well being. And I began to feel better.

    If you feel any stress WHATSOEVER, stop, breathe and think of something that makes you happy. And then smile. Trust me!”

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Brilliant advice because I know it to be soooooo true! You and I sorta went through similar things at almost the same time last year and learned the SAME lesson, didn’t we? It so often takes going through something scary and challenging to give us a different perspective, doesn’t it?

    Great post, Katherine! Thanks for the reminder!

  • I know you are giving all of us good advice. I remember you going thought this horrible stress. I cannot imagine.

    Have a fabulous, stress free day. ☺

  • Sorry for your horrible stress at work now. That is all nothing compared your son. Like the old saying stop and smell the roses, much truth there. Today’s world is too busy and too stressful.

  • Tamara Gerber

    Sorry you feel terrible at work. Any chance of resolve this situation?
    You’re absolutely right, some people would kill to have our “bad” days.
    I love how you say “rise above” – you will think of me when you read tomorrow’s FEAR post.

  • lissa

    ‘stop, breathe and think of something that makes you happy’ – great advice, because not thinking about those stressful things might just change your mood

    have a lovely day.

  • Paul

    Having a work environment that stresses you out is the worst. I hope it works out for the better soon.

  • It’s all about perspective, isn’t it? Maybe one of the few advantages of having lived a life with some really big problems is recognizing that sometimes little problems aren’t worth our time or worry. I have become a much calmer more laid-back person over time.

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