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The Worst Trip Ever, Times TWO
Published on Wednesday, November 28, 2012 by

Day 28 of NaBloPoMo and the suggested topic is, “What was the worst trip you ever took?”


It wasn’t the trip, per say, it was the vomit.  The vomit occurred on the second trip as well.  Needless to say, we have not gone back.

Yes Debbie, my dear sister, I am talking about our two trips to your house.  It wasn’t your fault that we all got the stomach flu shortly after arriving.  But I dare say, it put a bit of a damper on our visit, don’t you think?

 And then our second attempt at your new house in North Carolina.  Remember that?  When Elizabeth began to vomit the night we arrived and didn’t stop until a day or two after we got back home?  Again, not your fault she came down with strep just before our road trip.


strep throat


It isn’t your house, it is our stomachs.  We are The Family Who Throws Up At The Worst Times.  Perhaps we should plan a visit just AFTER we all get the stomach flu.  Then we will all be safe.  Unless you get it from us, that is.  Then we will never be asked over again!

Love and miss you sis!

This is one of those writing prompts in which I am more interested in YOUR answer…. Do tell… what was the worst trip you ever took? Was it the place, what happened IN the place or both?

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