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The Word for 2015
Published on Monday, January 19, 2015 by

Today’s blog writing challenge subject is “Word for the Year.”


funny frog picture

That is my word for the year. It is directed towards those who tailgate and drive too fast. It is for those who can’t put their cell phones down to place a single coffee order. It is for those who need constant electronic stimulation through their cell phones, their Sirius radios and televisions. It is for the mothers who drag their crying children through clothing stores, robbing them of their naps and filling them with sugar. It is for those fathers who push their boys too hard on the sports fields.


Slow down on the roads and listen to a book. Turn off your cell phone for two hours a day. Take a walk, paint or visit your neighbor. Let your children sleep and enjoy the quiet of the house. Take your kids fishing and notice the birds, the ripples in the water and the smell of the fresh air.


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  • Ron


    Amen, Katherine! And something I we all need to hear into today’s fast-paced society.


    Grrrreat one, my friend!

    • I’ve had some days where I forget my phone at work and it is actually freeing!

  • I’m already doing this and have for many years. You are spot on about relaxing. I call it stopping and smelling the roses of life along the way.

    Have a fabulous, relaxing day. ☺

  • I love that froggie! He sure has got relaxing down pat, just chilling out on his own pad. Now for the rest of us…

  • Yes! In fact I just read an article about walking with no purpose in mind. Gee, what a concept. To enjoy your surroundings without cell phone, iPod, blah blah blah

  • Great word for the year. I like it. It’s something I’ve been working on for a couple of years. Your idea of listening to a book as you drive is interesting. I’ve really gotten into listening to podcasts when I drive now and I’ve noticed I go a tad slower and don’t feel like I am in a rush.

    • I have a friend who said she can’t listen to books in the car… she tried once and found herself an hour out of her way…. she didn’t remember driving in that last hour ha ha ha!

  • Paul

    Great word. It’s something that I feel like I need to do more of, but would be willing to bet that my wife thinks I need to do less of.

  • It is a great word…if only I could heed its advice.

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