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The Watchful Peahen
Published on Monday, November 11, 2013 by

My thoracic epidural steroid injection was a little more than two hours away.  I had twenty minutes to kill before I was expected to drink 16 ounces of Gatorade and partake in some physician prescribed happy pills.

Coincidentally, I was a few yards away from the entrance to an abandoned farm house and barn I had yet to explore.  The one time I had tried to explore it before found me covered in hundreds of seed ticks, ending my adventure abruptly.

I had my camera and I had my bug spray.  Time for a little urban explore.

Sneaking under some trees and through some brush, my decaying destination was in sight.  It was then that I heard a rustle, a moment of quiet and the sound of rustling again.  I slowly turned to find a beautiful peahen eyeing me with a curious gaze.

This beautiful white peahen followed me as I wandered the grounds, keeping just enough distance to make her feel safe.  I found out later she is fed by those who work nearby, which explained the dog bowl I found in the brush.  Said a long time Chesapeake local, “She has been on that farm for as long as I can remember.”

I like to think of her as the farmhouse protector, keeping all safe who walk her grounds.

Here are some of my favorite pictures of the property, followed by a video of my entire slideshow.

peahen bowl

female peacock


urban exploring farmhouse

old blue farmhouse

abandoned mattress

old child's toy
red white and blue beer

old farmhouse

antique metal

antique latch

animal skull

antique light fixture

deserted barn

wood and barbed wire

antique door

mom blog

  • Wow, Katherine, those photos are incredible and very post-apocalyptic-like! I cannot believe how brave you are going into that place… it looks like it might cave in any second.

    • Nicky I was REALLY careful walking in there. Every step I took was slow… I would put my foot down and push just a little bit to be sure I would not go through. Fortunately it was a one story building – I would not have gone to a second floor! 🙂

  • How do you manage to find so many places like this? I would be too scared to venture in, I’m afraid, but they are great photos!

    • If this was deep in the woods there is NO way I would have gone by myself. Fortunately this is a house tucked just inside some trees by a building full of people. You would never know it was there unless you looked at google maps from above. I found this site via a co-worker who is a TRUE urban explorer – like major trespassing in places I would be to scared to go in. His work is amazing. The antique site I found on my own – it was a store I used to go to when I was young 🙂

      • It’s the thought of the spiders that would scare the pants off me!

  • Ron

    Yahoooooooooo Katherine! Awesome photos AND slideshow!!!!!!

    You know me, I LOVE images of decay. One of these days, if you ever come to Philly or I come to VA, we have to go on a decay photo shoot.

    The pictures of the peahen are incredible! I can’t believe you got that close!

    Love the music you added to the video – perfect!

    Well done, my friend, well done!


    • Ron, I had fun with the music – my last video was so somber… it was time for a little fun! You and I are indeed two peas in a pod. You know what I see happening? We meet up and find an awesome place to explore. Then you being you and me being me, we cut up a bit too much, get discovered and are arrested together. At least it would be amazing blog material!!!! xxoo!

      • Ron

        “At least it would be amazing blog material!!!!”

        HAHAHAHHAAHA! You said it, Katherine!

        Let’s do it 🙂


  • Jay of The Depp Effect

    UGH! Ticks!! That would put me off returning, I’m afraid. I hope the bug spray worked!

    It is beautiful though. Love the leaning door!

  • Such great shots! I especially love the peahen, and am really inspired by your sense of adventure. 🙂

  • Great pictures. I find it amazing that one day people just pick up and leave and places like this just stay empty to deteriorate. I think it would be great fun to explore these types of abandoned buildings as you do.

  • Mel

    Amazing photos. And how cool that the peahen gets taken care of by the locals.

    I adored the photos. And the bravery. I can see the slow entry, testing for stable footing, armed with the bug spray! LOL Round these parts rattlesnakes would object to you nosing around. I don’t mind snakes–but I mind if those ones bite me. I do enjoy trespassing and getting some cool shots though! 😀

  • Oh wow, Katherine. These are truly incredible images. Color me impressed!

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