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Trains and Tutus
Published on Thursday, September 1, 2011 by

Light Rail has come to Hampton Roads, to the tune of THREE HUNDRED AND EIGHTEEN MILLION DOLLARS.  The beginning of the line?  Just beyond my neighborhood.  As we watched the construction of this mass transit wonder, our neighborhood collectively thought, “What the….?”

What will it do to the neighborhood?  The traffic?  The quiet?

the tide light rail

For the first week, all rides were free.

Now, all you folks out there who have subways and light rail… begin to laugh.  When the trains actually opened, people lined up for hours in 90 degree heat to ride the new “amusement park ride.”

Of course, the kids and I only rode it to see where our tax dollars went.  (I’m lying.)

I must ask, how many of you have ever felt queasy on a LIGHT RAIL.  Not me!  (I’m lying.)

Our ride was an eventful one, from the moment my son fell asleep on a light rail employee’s shoulder to the ride back when we were subjected to copious amounts of gas compliments of the man next to me.

Because I love you all, I have saved the best for last.  The very ,VERY best.

As you can probably guess, the opening of The Tide has brought new and interesting people on to our normally quiet little corner.  Families, friends and everything in between.  Today, I saw my favorite.

pink tutu

pink and black tutu

frilly tutu

A completely average family.  Two beautiful children and a doting Mom.  In a pink and black tutu.  With laces up the back of the outfit.  And bright pink leggings.

This woman is a complete mystery to me and I will forever be intrigued.  Who is she?  What does she do for a living?  Why the pink and black tutu?  And finally, who is her personal trainer… because frankly, her back ROCKED in that outfit!

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