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The Tasty Water Hole
Published on Thursday, October 24, 2013 by

I drank a cup before I noticed the water jug’s label.  First, a bite of sandwich.  Then a sip of water.  “Hmmmm, the water is a bit stale tasting. Weird.”  No matter, I only had a few minutes to chug down my lunch, so chug and sip I did.

It wasn’t until I finished my water that I noticed the label on the water jug.  And then I understood.

cleaning municipal water

Is it me, or are there SEVERAL things wrong with this picture?

Here, let me start.  “Virginia Beach Municipal.”  Oh, and bears don’t just walk in the water….

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  • Ron

    “Oh, and bears don’t just walk in the water….”

    Bwhahahahahhahaha! HILARIOUS, Katherine!!!

    But doesn’t it amaze you how different purified, spring, and filtered water tastes?

    You’re right…weird.

    I live in a city, and city water tastes SO different than water out in the burbs. However, the WORST tasting water I ever drank was Florida water. UGH! It’s always warm coming out of the tap, even if you turn it on COLD. It’s also very hazy and murky.


  • Mel

    *covering mouth and shaking head*
    Uhhh uhhh….

  • Um… ewwww! That’s it, that’s all I got. Just…ewwwwww!

  • Mmmm… bear pee!

  • Whoever is in charge of the Water H2Ole company graphics, might want to rethink that pic. So they use Ultra-violet filters to remove chemicals and salt. Sounds yummy and all… but it doesn’t say it removes bear urine…just the salt from the bear urine.

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