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Published on Sunday, March 22, 2015 by

I have always wanted to help people. But you know how it goes. Kids. Work. Life. I assumed the time would come when all the children are out of the house.

As you know, I have begun fostering dogs for an amazing local rescue.   I could write a post on its own about dog fostering and just how hard it can be. And just how rewarding. Sure, it broke my heart to say goodbye to my sweet Boxer mix, but she went to a family she now knows and loves.

I was asked if I could foster my second, a lab mix named River. She had been one of their dogs two years before. Sadly, she was coming back to find a second home.

One of the volunteers asked me to call the owner in order to arrange a pickup. I knew only a bit of the story. The woman who adopted her had been diagnosed with cancer. Then she discovered she had COPD and she is no longer allowed to have a dog. With only this information, I made a call that I knew might be more than difficult.

By the end of the call we were both in tears. She loved her dog with all her heart. I was going to be meeting her in a parking lot and taking her beloved dog away from her. How could I possibly get through that?

Then it hit me. Who BETTER than me to take this on? I had just been able to give her reassurance on the phone. I was able to ease her mind just a tiny bit. She felt my sincerity. My honesty. My own sadness. And then I felt a shift inside of me. I wasn’t just giving a foster home to a dog. I was HELPING SOMEONE.

I had just been talking to someone who was desperately hurting and was able to give her comfort. With everything going on in her life, I was able to provide just a tiny bit of relief. In my own way, I can make a difference. Fostering dogs doesn’t just help dogs. It helps people too.

Did I mention River has a blue tongue? She is WAY cool.

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