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The Picky Eater
Published on Saturday, April 9, 2011 by

My middle son was the ultimate picky eater.  Fortunately, now that he is 15 he is in the forefront of  nutritional health.

As a matter of fact, just yesterday I prepared a healthy and delicious meal for him.  Never mind that he turned his nose up at it.  He had better and healthier plans in mind, right?  Thank heavens he can cook.

picky eaters



I have been laughing at the comments for this post.  What I MEANT was I cooked a real healthy meal and he turned it down.  Instead, he prepared his own meal.  Nachos and Lucky Charms.  I wish I could take credit for his creativity!  Perhaps this is a Blog Post Fail, but personally I have gotten so much pleasure from comments that there is NO way I’m correcting it!  Love you all!

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  • Now how could he turn up his nose at such a gourmet meal!?!

  • Laughing a what Ferd said. LOL! Was the healthy and delicious meal in the photo your son’s concoction or yours?

  • Um, I don’t think Lucky Charms makes for a good salsa. I could be wrong.

    Like Lauren, I’d like to know who “cooked” the meal in the pic.

  • LOL. Would this be the child who as he’s/she’s picking through whats in front of him, mom, what’s this green (or fill in what ever color or object he’s/she’s holding) stuff?

  • What’s wrong with that? The chips are made of corn = veggies. Cheese sauce = dairy (let’s not forget the milk in the cereal!) Then you have your cereal = grains. And finally, the marshmallows that are FRUIT flavoured = fruit. I think that was a perfectly balanced meal. And not a pot or pan to clean up afterwards 🙂

  • My son was a very picky eater when he was little too. When he got older I couldn’t buy enough food. He’s eating very healthy now, but back then he would eat just about anything. Three cheers for your son eating healthy.

    Have a terrific day. 🙂

  • Kat

    Homemade Nachos are The Lost Art as far as I’m concerned. Throw a little bit of salsa on top and you are in trouble!

  • My husband lived on what he called a “cheese crisp” before he met me. He melted cheese on a tortilla, and then poured salsa on that and sliced it like a pizza. Honestly it wasn’t bad until I realized he ate this morning noon and night!

  • Lucky Charms were apropos being it was near St Paddies Day 🙂

  • The comments are better than the post!

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