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The Mysterious Bone Meat!
Published on Tuesday, January 5, 2010 by

My mother makes an amazing beef soup that she learned how to prepare from my grandmother.  For extra flavor, she adds what we jokingly call “bone meat,” marrow included.  It is usually beef shank attached to sliced bones – sometimes hard to find but it makes all the difference in the soup’s flavor.

I’ve TRIED to like the marrow, but it is just so… “bone marrow-ee….”  <shudder>  But I digress.

After Mass on Christmas Eve we went to my mothers for dinner.  Beef soup the night before Christmas – YUM.

Looking across the table this year, my oldest said, “Grandma, what IS that on your bone?!”  All eyes whipped around to the animal part in question and gasped.  What IS that?!

bone marrow recipe

We all had our ideas.  Jesus?  After all, it WAS Christmas Eve.  But my goodness, it would be a very angry Jesus indeed!  I wouldn’t be surprised, looking at what Christmas has become these days!  Another thought it might be Bob Dylan smoking a cigar.  Dora the Explorer was a possibility as well.

Here is my excellent rendition of Dora the Explorer on a beef bone, just to demonstrate what someone saw:

The bone still haunts me to this day.  What would others have seen on this bone?  Could I have sold it for a million bucks on Ebay?

So please, tell me what you think.  What do YOU see on the mysterious Christmas Eve beef bone?

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