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The Moon
Published on Saturday, April 21, 2012 by

Day 21 of the photo challenge has “Moon” as the subject.  Moon.  I suspect moon is the subject BECAUSE THERE ISN’T A MOON IN THE SKY RIGHT NOW!  BAH!

I briefly considered mooning something and having someone take a picture of me from the FRONT folks… the FRONT.  But that began to just sound WEIRD.  Then I considered asking strangers in Corolla to moon the camera.  Unfortunately, right now there are just tourists… the tourons have yet to hit the beaches.

A few minutes after we arrived at the beach house, I began to ponder the moon.  It was then, ahem… in the bathroom, that I looked up and saw the moon.  A towel hook that has been there for years, unseen because frankly, it is always there.

From now on, I will always make a point to see the moon.

moon towel hook

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