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Shoot Me NowThe Joys of Tart Frozen Yogurt and Motherhood

The Joys of Tart Frozen Yogurt and Motherhood
Published on Friday, August 7, 2009 by

Love yogurt?  Then come with me to Yo Mama.  Noooo, not YOUR MAMA, although that might be fun too.  I’m talking about “Yo Mama,” a new frozen yogurt shop just down the street.

After reading an article about this new frozen yogurt shop, my daughter and I decided to give it a go.  Two nights in a row.  With my paralyzed stomach, a bit of probiotics couldn’t hurt, could it?  Thankfully, no.

Customers arrive and walk directly to the back where there are cups for yogurt and tiny tasting cups and spoons.  Not sure what you want?  Then have a taste! Or two or three, for that matter.  Flavors range from non-tart flavors such as chocolate, peanut butter and peach to my favorite, the tart vanilla.  This is the way frozen yogurt used to taste.  Tangy, tart, sweet and refreshing.  The added bonus?  Live yogurt cultures, of course!

But I have to say, the sign on the wall describing colon health was a bit disturbing, seeing that it is a restaurant and all.  But I digress.

Once you have served yourself a bowl of goodness, step this way to the topping bar, a true embarrassment of riches.  My daughter chose chocolate yogurt and added brownies and chocolate pieces.  For me, tart vanilla yogurt, freshly cut strawberries, mango and kiwi. Then for a bit of fun, some small little white puffs they call “non sweet rice puffs.”  They have no flavor and have the texture of a marshmallow.  Kinda fun!

Then if you are lucky, the rocking chairs will be open outside of the store.  Both nights we rocked together, watching a thunderstorm while we enjoyed a happy conversation and plenty of refreshing healthy yogurt.

frozen yogurt bar yo mama

And to make the night even better, I ran across a strange sign on a glass door.  As I told my Mom, “I have to take a picture.  After all, everything is good for a blog!”

funny hoy sign

Two observances.  One, I know you can enter and exit a door.  But what else might they be referring too?  And second, who or what is Hoy?  In Spanish, Hoy means TODAY.  In English, it is a flat-bottom boat.    So perhaps today you cannot steer a flat-bottom boat through the door? I like to think that you are supposed to read the sign and loudly yell, “HOY!” as if to say, “SO THERE!” in made-up Japanese.

Finally, the icing on the proverbial yogurt cake.  My daughter and I were laughing it up on the way home.  For a moment there was silence, and then I heard a little voice behind me say, “Mom, I love us.”

How profound.  How amazing.  How complete.

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